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CoolStuffInc.com Articles
  • Christopher Walton

    Legacy Pet Decks

    Christopher Walton shares a collection of his pet decks in Legacy.
  • Christopher Walton

    Understanding Contingency and Novelty

    Chris examines two aspects of card evaluation that many players misunderstand or struggle with.
  • Christopher Walton

    Breaking the Indy Curse - 4th SCG Open Indy

    Christopher Walton piloted Reanimator to the Top 4 at SCG Indy this past weekend, here's his report.
  • Christopher Walton

    Legacy: A Brave New Format

    Chris Walton is ready to look at Legacy with its new face now that Mental Misstep is out of the picture.
  • Christopher Walton

    A Legacy Player for Worlds

    Christopher realized that he had a window for Worlds, pushing for 42 DCI rating points in a week to get himself an invite. Could he? Did he?
  • Christopher Walton

    An Opinion on Planeswalker Points

    Christopher Walton pursued a top rating for Legacy and Eternal play, so the Planeswalker Point change had a profound impact on him. Read his thoughts on the new system.
  • Christopher Walton

    Musings on Modern

    Christopher Walton is back and he takes a step away from his beloved Legacy to instead explore the new format: Modern.
  • Christopher Walton

    Looking at Legacy Champs

  • Christopher Walton

    Legacy Countertop Revisited

    Christopher Walton examines Countertop in Legacy, is it a viable archetype or is it simply outgunned?
  • Christopher Walton

    Pre-GenCon Hodgepodge

    Chris Walton talks about a breadth of topics, from the Legacy champs at GenCon to Doomsday. Check it out inside!
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