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CoolStuffInc.com Articles
  • Alex Ullman

    Alex Johnson wins Grand Prix Minneapolis

    Alex Johnson makes it two Grand Prix victories for Green-White Tokens
  • MTG Potpourri

    MTG Potpourri #10 – It's a Boy!

    Tom, Adam, and Conley finally return to recap Conspiracy, Vintage Masters, the mailbag and more.
  • The Deck Tease

    The Deck Tease #88 – Three Wiens and a Beag

    Erin returns from rest interviewing the opinionated and flavorful Vorthos captain, Mike Linnemann.
  • MTG Potpourri

    MTG Potpourri #9 – Brazen Awesome Bullossoms

    This week Tom, Adam, and Conley debate comfort food, Journey into Nyx, and meeting up in Minneapolis.
  • Kyle Boggemes

    R/W/U Flash in Modern

    Modern is back in a flash at Minneapolis. Kyle's deck is just as blinding to play.
  • Vorthos Mike

    A Local View of Grand Prix Minneapolis

    Local flavor and great times. Mike has the scoop on what and where for Grand Prix Minneapolis.
  • MTG Potpourri

    MTG Potpourri #6 - Chunky Monkey

    What do medical terms, Grand Prix, and learning formats have in common? Tom makes Stybs and Conley answer.
  • guest

    Grand Prix Minneapolis Report – 8th

    One judge. Zero byes. A deck borrowed at the last minute. Jerret Schultz pulled an incredible run to make the Top 8 playing Standard at Grand Prix Minneapolis. See how he made it deep into the money before you next event!
  • guest

    Grand Prix: Minneapolis – Average Joe Cashes

    Glory. Prestige. Winnings. Kyle Engleson gained a little of all three through the gauntlet of a Grand Prix. If you're playing Standard soon, his deck was good enough to take him through to the money in Minneapolis!
  • Adam Styborski

    Calcano Cuts With a Different Delver

    With a retooled deck against a retooled field, Christian Calcano proved he had the best tools in the Grand Prix shop!
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