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CoolStuffInc.com Articles
  • Matt

    Joy of Cubing #19 - Grumpy Old Men of the Sea

    Gen Con, mailbags, zombies, and more. Join Kranny and Klug as they discuss custom Cubes.
  • Matt

    Joy of Cubing #18 - Summer Core Set Cast

    Is Magic 2014 really that bad for cubes? Kranny, and his guest Justin Parnell, discuss what the set really means.
  • Matt

    Supporting Combo

    Adam Prosak joins Kranny as they discuss the ins and outs of adding combo to your own cube.
  • Matt

    Return to Ravnica Block Retrospective

    How has the entire Return to Ravnica block reshaped our cubes? Kranny is joined by Usman as they review the hits from the golden block.
  • Jason Alt

    Who to Follow – Podcasts, Part 2

    You spoke. Jason listened. He's back with three more podcasts from across the community you should know about.
  • Matt

    Joy of Cubing #15 – Living Hive

    How do cubes evolve over time? Join Kranny and Jay Boosh as they discuss the dynamic development of their own cubes.
  • Matt

    Joy of Cubing #14 – Living Large

    What are the benefits of going big? Kranny invites Kenny Mayer on to discuss the benefits of larger cubes.
  • Matt

    As a Matter of Artifact

    What's the role of artifacts in cube? Kranny brings guest Usman Jamil on to shatter conceptions in the Joy of Cubing.
  • Matt

    Gatecrash Cube Review

    How good will Gatecrash be for your cube? Guest Eric Klug joins Kranny for the rundown.
  • Matt


    White is a misunderstood color in Cube. This Joy of Cubing episodes clears it up.
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