Magic: The Gathering Skirmish Decks
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  • Mavericks and Mystics

    Kendra revisits her favorite deck in Legacy as she breaks down Maverick!
  • Takings Breaks

    Sometimes your favorite formats get you down, but Kendra is here to show there are plenty of other ways to enjoy Magic!
  • Be the Bully, Claim the Throne

    Kendra takes a look at the evolution of one of Pauper's top archetypes, Boros Bully!
  • Ravnica Allegiance Pauper Set Review

    What effects will Ravnica Allegiance have on Pauper? Kendra dives into the set's commons to find out!
  • Shaking The Pillars

    Kendra gets ready to shake the pillars of the Pauper format with an extensive look at potential bannings!
  • Big! Meaty! Hooks!

    Kendra revisits one of the tribes that got her into Magic, this time in her favorite all-commons format!
  • 2018: The Year of Commons

    2018 was an incredible year for Pauper, and Kendra is here to break down how the format has developed!
  • Pestilence: What You Have to Endure, What You Have to Put Others Through

    Kendra tells the tale of a classic common and it's place in the current Pauper metagame!
  • Blitzing Out Wins

    Kendra looks at a different downshift from Ultimate Masters and how it's revitalizing Izzet Blitz!
  • Foiling Opponents with Angler Delver

    Kendra takes a fresh look at the Angler Delver lists with the addition of Foil to Pauper!