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  • Why Spirits Remain My Favorite Tribe

    Abe breaks down why Spirits remain his favorite tribe in the history of Magic!
  • Game's Gotta End

    Bruce takes a step back and asks if cards that just end the game have a place in Commander when fun is the goal!
  • Top Ten Onslaught Block Cards

    Abe continues his look back at blocks from the past with his Top Ten Onslaught Block cards!
  • The Best Multiplayer Cards in Modern Horizons

    Bruce calls out the best cards from Modern Horizons for Multiplayer Magic!
  • Fun with Squirrellink

    Things get a little crazy as Bruce breaks down his plans for the squierrliest of casual decks!
  • BruCon

    Bruce gathers with some good friends for a weekend-long event filled with Magic known as BruCon!
  • Variation on a Theme

    Bruce attempts to put a spin on the Commander format with some possible variants!
  • War's Mythic Commons and Uncommons

    Bruce highlights some of the high impact commons and uncommons in War of the Spark!
  • Top Ten War of the Spark Cards

    Abe brings you not only one, but two Top Tens for War of the Spark!
  • Another Spark of Inspiration

    War of the Spark is an endless font of inspiration for Abe as he builds some new decks with the latest cards!