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  • Playing Bitterblossom in Legacy

    Kyle takes a moment to consider what place Bitterblossom has in Legacy!
  • Black-Green Midrange in Modern

    Kyle brings the lowdown on Black-Green Midrange in Modern, with tips, tricks, and the latest Sideboard tech!
  • In the Winner's Circle with Bant Spirits

    Kyle won an RPTQ, so he's here to break down the latest intel on his Modern deck, Bant Spirits!
  • Kyle's Constructed Favorites

    Kyle returns to share some of his current favorite decks in Standard, Modern, and Legacy!
  • Bringing Back the Fire

    Kyle takes what he's learned from Team Unified Standard and applies it to Standard as a whole!
  • Eight Decks, Three Formats

    Kyle is pleased with Constructed Magic, showcasing several options for Legacy, Modern, and Standard!
  • A Standard Deck for Everyone

    It's a Standard smorgasbord as Kyle takes of tour of the format in preparation for a Team Unified Constructed Event!
  • Common Sense Magic

    Kyle talks common sense shortcuts for tournament play, deck selection, and Dominaria Standard!
  • The State of Modern with Dominaria

    What does Dominaria do to the state of Modern? Kyle is here to find out!
  • Constructive Criticism

    Kyle reflects on SCG Cincinnati, muses on the state of Constructed Magic, and gives Pauper a shot!