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  • Kyle's Constructed Favorites

    Kyle returns to share some of his current favorite decks in Standard, Modern, and Legacy!
  • We Are the Champions

    Mike Likes is here to bring you a selection of Standard decks in preparation for the Core Set 2019 Store Championships!
  • I'm Blue

    Mike Likes is a little under the weather, but he can still bring a decklist despite being blue!
  • Sullivan Library: Izzet Nexus

    Sometimes great minds think alike, and Adrian thinks that might be the case with Izzet Nexus!
  • Off the Chain

    Goblin Chainwhirler is on top of the heap in Standard, so Mike explores some of the Chainwhirler decks currently thrashing the meta!
  • Ready, Set, GRIND

    Mike Flores looks for a new angle in Standard, breaking down the pros and cons of Sultai Explore!
  • My Own Worst Enemy

    It's never too early to prepare for Guilds of Ravnica, so Mike Likes highlights some two-color decks in Standard!
  • A Heavy Fog

    After playing Turbo Fog at GP Orlando, Ali looks at where the deck should go next in order to adapt!
  • Enter the Nexus

    The Pro Tour brought Nexus of Fate to the forefront, and Mike Likes is here to highlight a couple different lists!
  • Mono-Blue Sai with Rudy Briksza

    Rudy jumps into Standard on Magic Online with a Mono-Blues Sai list!