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  • MTG 101: Baron Sengir

    It's a special Halloween episode of MTG 101! Join Reuben Bresler as he explores the enigmatic Baron Sengir!
  • A Brief History of Wizards Being Bad at Selling Books

    With the return of Magic novels on the horizon, Sam wonders if Wizards will finally give them the promotion they need to succeed!
  • MTG 101: Thalia

    MTG 101 is now on Youtube with a new episode about Thalia featuring the voice of Reuben Bresler!
  • Look At These Weird Cats!

    Sam discusses the foibles of fan ownership and labor... and shows you some weird cats in the process!
  • Guilds of Ravnica Flavor Gems

    Jay is back from a hurricane-related hiatus and ready to take on the Flavor Gems of Guilds of Ravnica!
  • City Works

    Sam takes a look at Ravnica as a setting and how it has the capacity to be many things to many people!
  • Unbowed Arcs

    Sam takes a look at our introduction to new Planeswalker Vivien Reid in the most recent Magic story!
  • Magic Story 101: Jargon and the Multiverse

    Jay continues his Magic 100 series, breaking down some of the common jargon associated with Vorthos!
  • Bolas Hype

    Does the story of Nicol Bolas really live up to Magic's most hyped villain? Sam attempts to answer that question!
  • The Chronicle of Bolas

    The Chronicle of Bolas has come to an end, giving Jay an opportunity to update the timelines for Nicol Bolas and Ugin!