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CoolStuffInc.com Articles
  • Michael Flores

    Five Things Angels Need to Be Good Enough

    Will Angels be the next big deck once Kaldheim drops? Mike lays out its potential paths for success!
  • Michael Flores

    Eight Tools to Live By

    Mike shares eight tips he's picked up over the years that will improve your Magic life!
  • Michael Flores

    Assorted Thoughts on Kaldheim

    Mike breaks down his initial thoughts on the sneak previews from Kaldheim!
  • Michael Flores

    Eight Combos that Made Me Fall in Love with Magic

    There are some card combos that bring us closer to the game than ever before!
  • Michael Flores

    Eight Decks No One Liked to Play Against

    The history of Competitive Magic has had some truly miserable decks. Here are eight of the worst offenders!
  • Michael Flores

    Eight Burning Questions for Aspiring Standard Savants

    Mike asks the important questions to set you up for success in Standard!
  • Michael Flores

    Second Skill

    Mike Flores teaches a lesson in staying one step ahead of aggressive strategies!
  • Michael Flores

    Fair Weather Fire God

    How has Mike's favorite Modern deck faired in the recent metagame?
  • Michael Flores

    Breaking Ground

    Constructing a landbase in Zendikar Rising Standard has Mike musing on the possibilities!
  • Michael Flores

    Escape! from Dimir

    Take a look at some decks spawned in opposition to the most dangerous weapon of all: Ruin Crab!
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