Dice Tower Con 2019
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  • The 4+3 Things I Learned Testing Modern Last Week

    Mike Flores shares bits of wisdom from his recent bout of Modern testing!
  • The Other Side of Gruul

    Mike Flores takes a look at a more Green-heavy take on the Gruul Aggro decks making the rounds!
  • Why I Hate Skullcrack

    When it comes to Modern Burn, Mike thinks some cards aren't all they're cracked up to be!
  • Three-and-a-Half Off-Label Two-Drops

    Mike Flores has some thoughts on how these essential two-drops can be used off-label!
  • Previous Level Drakes

    All Mike needs to take Drakes to the next level is one simple swap from Ravnica Allegiance!
  • Meet the New Boss

    Mike was all about Theater of Horrors in Standard, but can he find the right shell to make it work?
  • What Everybody Gets Wrong About Modern Burn

    With a new take on Burn in is back pocket, Mike breaks down what everybody get wrong about the blistering archetype!
  • Positively Midrange

    Mike is getting into the spirit of the new set with a couple of new deck ideas for Standard and Modern!
  • Light Up the Format

    Things heat up as Michael Flores searches for new Mono-Red pieces in Ravnica Allegiance!
  • Three Ways to Avoid Getting Burned Playing Burn

    Sometimes you can get burned playing Burn, but Mike Flores has a couple of lessons for when things heat up!