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CoolStuffInc.com Articles
  • Neale Talbot

    Battle for Zendikar — A Retrospective Review

    How did Battle For Zendikar do in terms of design, impact, and lore? Neale goes deep to find out!
  • Neale Talbot

    Avacyn Is Awesome!

    Archangel Avacyn is one awesome Magic card. Neale shows you what she's capable of in Modern!
  • Neale Talbot

    The Devil's Haircut

    Modern doesn't have to be all Eldrazi, all the time. Neale unveils a powerful tribal contender.
  • Neale Talbot

    Eldrazi in Modern

    There's a new Modern menace in town. Is this combination of fast mana and colorless threats too good for Modern? Neale breaks it down.
  • Neale Talbot

    House of Cards: Ending Redemption

    Could set redemption be the root cause of Magic Online's economy issues? Neale takes a closer look.
  • GatheringMagic.com

    Ironroot Chef: Battle Ring of Three Wishes

    Challenger Neale Talbot takes on Chef Ant Tessitore in this week's Ironroot Chef showdown: Battle Ring of Three Wishes.
  • Neale Talbot

    A Socio-Political Criticism of Magic: The Gathering

    Neale breaks out his scholar's cap and breaks down the hidden truth buried in Magic.
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