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CoolStuffInc.com Articles
  • Jay Kirkman

    Remeddling Chandra

    The flames are stoked as Jay takes another crack at meddling the Chandra Planeswalker deck, now with Aether Revolt!
  • Jay Kirkman

    Re-Meddling Nissa

    Aether Revolt is out, and Jay has taken on the challenge of remeddling the Kaladesh Planeswalker decks!
  • Jay Kirkman

    The Planeswalker Decks of Aether Revolt

    How do the Aether Revolt Planeswalker decks stack up? Jay breaks them down to find out!
  • Jay Kirkman

    Meddling Nissa, Nature's Artisan

    Last week he took on the Chandra Planeswalker deck. This week, Jay takes on Nissa.
  • Jay Kirkman

    Meddling Chandra's Planeswalker Deck

    Jay thinks the Chandra Planeswalker Deck could use a tune up, so he kicks it into overdrive.
  • Jay Kirkman


    The verdict is in on the Planeswalker Decks, and Jay is here to lay down judgment.
  • Jay Kirkman

    Kaladesh Surprise

    Planeswalker decks are here, and Jay takes a look to see if they fill the void that Intro Packs are leaving.
  • Jay Kirkman

    Meddling Unearthed Secrets

    Uncover the clues as Ertai's Lament improves another Shadows over Innistrad Preconstructed Deck!
  • Jay Kirkman

    Horrific Visions

    This week Ertai's Meddling stitches together a decent deck from a rough start!
  • Jay Kirkman

    RIP Intro Packs

    Intro Packs are leaving us for the first time since their debut over 20 years ago. Jay has some thoughts!
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