New Player Series - Cardfight Vanguard Playmat
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  • Random Commander Next

    Abe takes on another Random Commander challenge, pulling from the Gatherer well for new inspiration!
  • Random Commander: A Good Boy

    Abe hits the random roulette once again, putting together a deck for the first Legend he comes across on Gatherer!
  • Spinning the Random Commander Roulette

    Abe Sargent spins the roulette wheel once again for more Random Commander!
  • Random Kefnet (Budget Commander #46)

    Abe hits the random button for his latest Commander deck, landing on a perfect candidate for a new Budget deck!
  • Random Commander: Lady's Choice

    Abe dips back into the Gatherer well for another go at Random Commander!
  • Random Commander the Third

    Abe spins the Gatherer wheel once again for another round of Random Commander!
  • Random Commander Strikes Back

    Abe can't stop hitting the random button on Gatherer, so it's time for another round of Random Commander!