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CoolStuffInc.com Articles
  • Adrian Sullivan

    Bringing Back Battleford Green

    Adrian harkens back to Green decks of old in search of a new, sweet list for Pioneer!
  • Adrian Sullivan

    Five-Color Brilliance at Mythic Championship VII

    Adrian dissects the Five-Color Fires decks registered for Mythic Champions VII to see what makes them tick!
  • Adrian Sullivan

    Revisiting Chicago Control

    Adrian revisits a control deck from years past and adapts it for the Pioneer format!
  • Adrian Sullivan

    New Standard at Twitch Rivals

    Adrian explains his prep for the Twitch Rivals post-Ban Standard event and what decks he considered for the fresh format!
  • Adrian Sullivan

    Pioneer Red, Big and Small

    Adrian can't resist the siren call of building a Red deck for a new format, and Pioneer is calling out to him!
  • Adrian Sullivan

    The Return of Blue-Lamog

    Adrian brings Blue-Lamog back from the dead to see how it performs in Pioneer!
  • Adrian Sullivan

    Early Pioneer Days

    Adrian hits the dusty trail in search of solid ground in Pioneer. Here's hoping he doesn't die of dysentery!
  • Adrian Sullivan

    33 Mountains: An All-Red Team Unified Standard

    Adrian explains how it's possible to for every member of his Unified Standard team can play Red!
  • Adrian Sullivan

    Of Dragons, Gods, and Faerie Tales

    With Teferi, Hero of Dominaria out of the picture, Adrian thinks it may be time for Nicol Bolas, Dragon-God to shine!
  • Adrian Sullivan

    The Throne of Eldraine Red Review

    Adrian brings the heat, breaking down the new Red cards from Throne of Eldraine in this edition of The Red Review!
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