Dice Tower Con 2019
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  • Modern, Before and After the War

    Adrian breaks down his picks for Modern with the use of the London Mulligan in consideration!
  • Adapting Winning Decks

    Adrian takes a promising new deck and puts it through the process of revision!
  • Brewing Big Red

    Adrian moves away from Jeskai Hybrid Control to focus on his latest and greatest brew: Big Red!
  • Milwaukee Brews

    Adrian talks about his winning brew and his run in GP Milwaukee!
  • Overcoming Physical Challenges with Control

    Adrian discusses how you can save time by paying attention to how you physically play Magic!
  • Jeskai Control in a Post-Guilds Modern

    Adrian extols the virtues of Jeskai control in the face of a Modern filled with Assassin's Trophy and Arclight Phoenix!
  • Counting to 53 in Style with Modern Mill

    Some new cards from Guilds of Ravnica have given Adrian hope that Mill is back on the menu in Modern!
  • Sullivan Library: Gray Ogre Standard

    Adrian brews with exciting Gray Ogre that reminds him of the best deck he ever built!
  • Sullivan Library: Finding the New 5-0s

    Adrian takes a look at the first batch of 5-0s from Magic Online to find an interesting list for new Standard!
  • Sullivan Library: Izzet Nexus

    Sometimes great minds think alike, and Adrian thinks that might be the case with Izzet Nexus!