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CoolStuffInc.com Articles
  • Kyle Boggemes

    Sultai Midrange in Historic

    Kyle breaks down the Sultai Midrange list he played for an SCG Qualifier!
  • Kyle Boggemes

    SCG Regionals Top 4 With Azorius Stoneblade

    Kyle finds continuing success with Stoneforge Mystic in an ever-changing Modern!
  • Michael Flores

    No Cigar

    Mike Flores runs back another tournament with his latest Burn tech and gets close, but no cigar!
  • Michael Flores

    On Becoming a Fire God in Central Florida

    Mike regales us with a tale of almost-got-theres and a fresh take on Modern Burn!
  • Michael Flores

    How I Won a PTQ With Simic Flash

    Winning a PTQ is no easy feat, and Mike Flores is here to explain how he did it with the help of Simic Flash!
  • Kyle Boggemes

    Top 4 Split with Devoted Devastation

    Kyle takes Devoted Devastation all the way to the Top 4 of a Modern 1K and is ready to talk about how it performed!
  • Kyle Boggemes

    SCG Open Indy Report

    Kyle breaks down his 12th place finish at the SCG Modern Classic in Indianapolis and what deck he's looking at next!
  • Adrian Sullivan

    Jeskai and the Cleveland Story

    Adrian shares his Mythic Championship deck and reflects on his performance over the course of the tournament!
  • Jeff Hoogland

    Breaking Down SCG Indy

    Jeff breaks down the best-performing and most interesting decks from the weekend's tournament!
  • Brian Basoco

    No Confidence in Dark Confidant

    Gathering Magic welcomes guest writer Brian Basoco to break down his preparation for a Team Constructed Open Win in Atlanta!
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