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Top Ten W/G Cards


Hello folks! This is the fifth in my series of Top Ten cards for each color combination, and wg concludes the allied color pairs. Today we're looking at the best cards in split, hybrid, or gold that this color combination has to proffer.

This is going to be the hardest article in the series of two-color combinations Best Of's, which is why I held off until now. First of all, I have more experience playing this color combination than any other. It's my favorite. Watchwolf is probably the vanilla creature I've played the most in my history. And if not, Indominable Ancients would be in the top spot and our good Watchwolf in a close #2. It includes many of my favorite creatures and cards from across the history of the game. Here just let me show you all of these good cards.

Let's just begin with just these 31 creatures alone, nothing else!

Holy crap! This is a color that is extremely deep in creatures and power. This creature list is a lot deeper than then other four allied color pairs. They are jealous of the depth of power we have! All of those cards are being played by me, right now, in a deck. Many of those creatures are in tons of my decks. Many of them are world-beaters that can dominate a board, like Novablast Wurm. Some of them are powerful 2 or 3 drops that have a big butt for the curve and can swing right out of the gate, such as Loxodon Smiter. Some of them have powerful abilities that can lock out an entire opposing strategy, such as Gaddock Teeg. Many of these are either the best in their cycle or the best with their mechanic. Phantom Nishoba is still the best Phantom creature. Wilt-Leaf Liege is, by far, the best of the ten Lieges. And so on it goes. And I can't even do a top ten wg creature list because I have so many cards not on that list that have to make my Top Ten List. The depth and power of this card combo is compelling.

Consider this: in most casual builds, Centaur Healer is probably the worst creature above, right? And yet if I were to include it as an Honorable Mention in a normal list, I would sell it, and you wouldn't even think twice. Yes, life gain on a powerful creature is important. Yes, it it's beefier than Kitchen Finks. Yes it is on curve as a powerful body. Yes is very blink-able. Yes in a format that craves good duplication of cards like Commander, its value rises as another in that style of card. And yet, here, in this depth? It's just Centaur Healer! Compare it cards in br that hit my Honorable Mention like Hellhole Rats. It's strong! Here? It's not even in my top twenty-five creatures let alone on my top ten cards.

That's the problem of Green and White.

Here, let me give you another example. Auras.

Positive auras in most colors suck. (The ones you want to cast on your stuff to improve them). There's just not a lot of power in the allied color aura toolbin. At best, wu has a few options, but that's it.

But wg?

Armadillo Cloak
Unflinching Courage
Sigil of the Nayan Gods
Shield of the Oversoul

All of those are amazingly good Commander level quality auras. Each has won games for me. They are iconic and classy and among the best of all-time for auras. You can't go wrong with any of them. And yet, this is the problem of any top ten list of Green and White goods!

Behemoth Sledge

While on that topic, can you say, "Hello, Behemoth Sledge!"?

Here's another example:

Sylvan Reclamation

Of the five-card cycle that includes these basic landcycling cards, Sylvan Reclamation is the best by far. I have one in Honorable Mention in wu, but all but the rg one are pretty good. This one is just outstanding. For example, it's one more mana than Into the Core, but opens up enchantments as a possible target. It's one more mana than Return to Dust and it will always hit two cards, even when you cast it on someone else's turn. It's on curve as a great answer, while also being a cool basic landcycling card.

And that's the story of wg.

It's also a color combination strong in tutoring as well for powerful stuff. In addition to the obvious lands, these are all great cards that would easily make another color's top ten list. Congregation at Dawn fetches three creatures to the top of your library for three Worldly Tutor effects! Sterling Grove is a powerful enchantment tutor that protects your stuff from harm and Eladramri's Call is one of the best tutors of all time given it's instant status. My most commonly tutored for card? Mystic Snake! In color it'd be Fleetfoot Panther.

Congregation at Dawn
Eladamri's Call
Sterling Grove

There's just so much good!

So let's take a look at the Top Ten list and then move on to the next level of cardage!

10. Dragonlord Dromoka

Dragonlord Dromoka

This is a color combination that often doesn't have a great aerial game, and that is precisely why Dragonlord Dromoka is so good here. The ability to join Green's uncounterable mechanic to White's flying and lifelink creates a powerful creature. But the best part is clearly the ability to force foes to not cast their spells during your turn anymore. They can't counter Dromoka, and then they can't kill Dromoka for a round until their turn arrives and they can cast removal on their turn. You can still cast stuff on their turn though. This is also a strong 5/7 body for 6 mana, and there is nothing here to belabor. It all works tightly for the mana package!

9. Novablast Wurm

Novablast Wurm

As I mentioned above, this is one of the strongest and most powerful creatures that wg has. I love to ramp to it, swing, and then get a guaranteed hit of seven damage because I just wiped the board. It shuts down a lot of junk, and makes it virtually impossible to block barring something like an indestructible defensive option. Now, the issue with Novablast Wurm is that it kills your own stuff too, but given its powerful board presence, that's an acceptable consequence of the card. It's like any mass removal spell, if you want to sweep the board, then you'll likely sweep your own stuff too, especially with White. And you get a 7/7 for 7 mana.

8. Karametra, God of Harvests

Karametra, God of Harvest

As we have discussed many times, this is a color combination with serious love for creatures. Green and White just have a serious attachment to high quality creatures, and you will see a bunch more pro-creatures cards below. Karametra is the same. When you cast a dork, you'll get a Forest/Plains from your library to the battlefield for free. And that's a load of free ramping on an indestructible body that will help to cast more things that will help to give Karametra devotion more quickly and reliably than other Gods. Karametra is an awesome enabler for this color as well as the final threat to swing and help bring your foes down!

7. Armada Wurm

Armada Wurm

Okay, you in the back, let's pay attention. The Armada Wurm is 10 power, with trample, across two creatures, for six mana. That's a game winning level of nasty. Having two bodies of equal value means you can survive pinpoint removal. Having trample means you can just eviscerate smaller defensive-minded dorks like smashing over Fog Bank. Having a powerful enters-the-battlefield triggers works wonders in number shells, including Flicker and Momentary Blink effects. But don't sleep on that cost! At six mana, Armada Wurm is powerful in 60 card decks as an ideal Closer of Games. You don't need to worry about some seven or more cost to end it. You don't need a bunch of ramp. And this is going to Close Games, no doubt about! And frankly, if you aren't playing Armada Wurm in your deck, I want to know why . . . 


(Seriously . . .  why?)

6. Privileged Position

Privileged Position

The great weakness of any creature-heavy color is that your critters tend to be the heavyweights of your deck. You want to run them in big numbers. And we like to go wide with tokens or big with ramp here. The big weakness is hitting those creatures. Every color kills them! Steal? Exile? Burn? Destroy? Every color has an answer. This is your proactive response. Thou shalt not mess with my stuff. And because it gives hexproof to your artifacts, planeswalkers and such, it also has great value in protecting those too.

5. Knight of the Reliquary

Knight of the Reliquary

There are a lot of things that this Knight of the Awesome does incredibly well, and don't forget during this discussion that big nasty casting cost. Now the Knight is better in a Constructed format with a ton of fetchlands to crack. The more fetches you crack, the bigger your Knight becomes, and it'll be a force very quickly. It also works with cards like Scapeshift or Seismic Assault quite nicely. It also self-combos as you know, because it'll sacrifice a Forest or Plains for any land. It's not even a basic land requirement, sacrifice that dual land all day long for any land as well as a growing retreat. Everything from the Urzatron to the Cloudpost fun times as well as control cards such as Maze of Ith love it.

4. Ajani, Mentor of Heroes

Ajani, Mentor of Heroes

This is a color combination that swings. It's not one that draws cards. So that's why Ajani, Mentor of Heroes is so valuable. Check out that middle +1 ability. You Impulse the top of your library for critters, 'walkers, or auras. That's a widely sweeping slate of options on a +1 ability that will draw you cards and cards and more cards. His other +1 will toss counters on stuff and then you can ultimate to gain so much life that it will be very hard to kill you. But this 'walker is all about the second ability and don't sleep on the value of a ton of card drawing here!

3. Captain Sisay

Captain Sisay

My favorite version of any of the Weatherlight legendary creature here is Captain Sisay. I love that she had been one of the most interesting, engaging, competent, characters. I love how we have this strong black woman is leading the crew. She reminds me of one of my favorite Avengers of all time, Monica Rambeau, and underappreciated highly professional and strong superhero from New Orleans who is also a black woman and the first such character to lead the team during the mid '80s. I love Monica. And I love Sisay. There's just something about her that works as a character. I was glad she survived the Apocalypse and then got her own Skyship to replace the Weatherlight to head out on for more adventures.

Her card is amazingly well done too! Tapping for a legendary card is awesome, and she has always been able to get something like Kor Haven or Godsend as well as any legendary creature you might be packing. She also got a serious power upgrade in 2017 as she can now tutor for planeswalkers as well. Sisay has all of the tutoring power!

2. Aura Shards

Aura Shards

In a color combination that cares about creatures as much as this, Aura Shards is disgustingly good. Given how fast the creatures can arrive on the battlefield to smash your stuff, this is impressive. But what really pushes Aura Shards up on this list are two key things I don't want you forget. The first is that the trigger on Aura Shards is a "may" effect. That means you'll never be forced to touch your own stuff if you run out of targets. You know Aura Shards could have been self-limited by removing that. Eventually you'll have to blow up your own Shards! But that simple "may" clause rules all! And then the second key here is not just the creature synergy of these colors but the heavy token creature theme as well. Don't forget that making tokens is going to count, as this is not a cast trigger, unlike Karametra, nor is there a "nontoken" restriction written into the card. That makes Aura Shards one of the most powerful tools and cards for any deck ever printed. I should know, as I have abused it myself to massive wins all up and down the years in countless formats.

1. Mirari's Wake

Mirari's Wake

This remains one of the most iconic cards of all time. Mirari's Wake dominated from release through today, and remains one of the single most powerful enchantments ever made for casual or Commander. Doubling your mana is awesome. Pumping your stuff is awesome. Doing so, on the same card, is even more awesome. Getting double mana even makes The Immortal Sun blink and pause. The Wake of the Mirari devastates boards even today!

So thanks for reading! What did you think of my list?

Did you know that around 176 cards are in this color combination, and I have played an overwhelming majority -- all but 7! 1

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1 I have not played Ajani's Aid, Armored Wolf-Rider, Better Than One, Citadel Castellan, Dr. Julius Jumblemorph, Reclamation, Vitalizing Cascade. I have had the Wolf-Rider, Castellon and Cascade played against me.

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