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Top Ten Cards that Need to be Reprinted in 2017


Hello folks!

Looking back, I think can call 2016 The Year of the High Profile Reprint. Among major reprints that happened, we saw a ton of high profile and valuable reprints in Conspiracy: Take the Crown, Eternal Masters, and then the Masterpieces of expansion sets was announced, and we had two doses already with powerful artifact from Kaladesh and Aether Revolt. And we saw an epic amount of quality, high profile reprints like Show and Tell, Berserk, Force of Will, Jace, the Mind Sculptor, Vampiric Tutor, Natural Order, Mana Crypt, Mana Crypt again, Karakas, Wasteland, Crucible of Worlds, Chalice of the Void, and such. Tons of powerful and iconic cards hitting cardboard and purchasable in actual, proper, booster packs.

With 2017 following on the heels of 2016, there are still a bunch of cool cards that I would love to see get reprinted this year. Here are some that are in dire need of it.

The vast majority of these cards have never been reprinted. Those that have were reprinted such a long time ago, that the current crop of cards out there are fall far-under the needed supply for most people, and that drives up the price considerably. All of these cards have real needs.

Honorable Mention – Eldrazi Conscription

Eldrazi Conscription

The problem with these heavy block-specific mechanics is that it’s unlikely to see one reprinted outside of a specialty set like Masters or Conspiracy that is intentionally evocative of older sets, mechanics, and complexity.(I’m not even sure we’d see this in Commander 2017 – I think it’d need to be a Spikier set like Masters). That’s pretty much the only place where you could see a reprint of this card. I hope we see it soon, because this thing has to be headed further and further north fiscally as one of the most powerful auras of all time.

10. Greater Auramancy

Greater Auramancy

Enchantments are cool, right? This 2-drop does a lot to protect the enchantment and aura side of the house. You can’t target my stuff! And you can’t target my enchanted creatures either! Now its shroud effect prevents you from abusing it like a hexproof one, so it plays more nicely in multiplayer. Plus it works to push against the common card disadvantage woes of auras. So get your Auramancy on!

9. Bribery


In fact, I could see Bribery as a Masterpiece reprint for Amonkhet. Expensive. Flashy. Fun. Everything you want in a powerful spell. And it just works so well in kitchen table matches for multiplayer, casual, and everything all in between. We haven’t have a non-promo reprint of Bribery since 2003 with Eighth Edition. Fourteen years is too long to wait for more Briberies!

8. Cruel Tutor

Cruel Tutor

I often think that Wizards of the Coast misses obvious reprints and instead tries to reinvent the wheel too much. I think you’ll often get more hype from a wonky, unexpected reprint or something clever, like Goblin Piledriver or Peace of Mind.(See #2 below for another example of a cool bullet in your gun you could fire off from this genre) Much like Bribery at #9 above, this would make perfect sense as a Nicol Bolas themed Masterpiece this year. But even without that, this is a great card that would look good in a new border and in foil for the first time ever. I’d love to see this old card get a new printing.

7. Through the Breach

Through the Breach

This is a $50 bill right now. That’s crazy high for a rare that used to be in my bulk rare box. But it’s a way to cheat out a big nasty beater like Emrakul, the Aeons Torn and get it a one hit kill. And now this thing is dastardly expensive. What I’d love to see is a more limited reprinting of this in a set like Modern Masters 2017 because the scarcity has to be a major contributing factor to its cost. A huge reprint could see this thing tumble to a really low value. Luckily the splice and arcane subtype limit it’s printing from a major expansion set, so I think we’d be good on that end.

6. Ensnaring Bridge

Ensnaring Bridge

Ensnaring Bridge has always been an interesting card. Because of how wonkily it plays, it has been a key wedge for a lot of decks through the years. We’ve see tournament decks with it such as the Burning Bridge deck using this, Grafted Skullcap, and burn to win or the deck with a bunch of mass discard effects like Bottomless Pit to bring down everyone hand down and then wins with permanents like Cursed Scroll and Megrim, or the one where it drops your hand and then swings with zero-power creatures that can be inflated, such as Carrion Ants, Frozen Shade, and Pit Imp, or something like Guiltfeeder. Oh, and I even run this as a lynchpin in my own Modern deck which is an updated version of Burning Bridge built around Avaricious Dragon instead of the Skullcap, the Bridge, and a lot of burn, with the only other creatures two of #5 below and a playset Eidolon of the Great Revel when the meta- calls for it. Forget that dopey Masterpiece from last year. Only five Masterpieces, from both Kaladesh and Aether Revolt are worth more than the Bridge, that’s how badly we need more Bridges.

5. Magus of the Moon

Magus of the Moon

Never reprinted, and needed in a bunch of formats like Modern and Legacy, and a solid answer for Commander in the anti-non-basic hate that you often need en masse to fight against folks who think I’m joking when I tell them to “Stop recurring that Strip Mine with your Crucible of Worlds and hitting basic lands dude,” or similar land-based issues. Commander loves all things land as they are the hardest things to deal with, and so they will often abuse lands to a much greater degree than other things, all the while thumbing their noses at you. So let’s reprint this tool for fighting at kitchen tables, as well as Legacy and Modern tournaments. Did I hear someone say Modern Masters 2017?

4. Mycosynth Lattice

Mycosynth Lattice

Combos are awesome. Artifacts are awesome. Johnnies and Jennies are awesome. Improvise and Affinity for Artifacts are awesome. Turning everybody’s stuff into artifacts is awesome. You have had Mycosynth Lattice be a major part of kitchen table brews that are equal parts fun and byzantine ever since it was printed. But now it’s been too long, and the Lattice is now a cough-inducing $30. And that’s way too much for the masses. We need to cure our budget woes with the latest pharmacological hotness. I don’t care where, but we need this card badly.

3. Damnation


“Hello Wizards of the Coast! I hope you are having a wonderful day today. Hey can you do me a favor? Can you reprint Damnation so that people will stop asking when you are going to reprint Damnation? I’d really appreciate it, because it’s getting a little old. Thanks, bye!?” *Cough* Amonkhet Masterpieces *Cough*

2. Dong Zhou, the Tyrant

Dong Zhou, the Tyrant

How is this guy more expensive than Jace, the Mind Sculptor? (MTGGoldfish has DZ at $64 and the 2016 iteration of Jace, TMS at $60). In what world does that make sense? Dong Zhou needs to get reprinted stat. This guy fills a few nice roles in Magic, particularly in casual town. Take Commander as a good example, where Dong Zhou has obvious value, plays a cool role in the sub-Dragon niche along with cards like Zealous Conscripts and Dualcaster Mage to flesh out your decks and give value. We need Dong Zhou now. Get this thing into Commander 2017. You are welcome, Magic players. You are welcome.

1. Auriok Champion

Auriok Champion

Sometimes I just look up a card to check out its value and see if it’s worth it to pick up a few new cards. When was the last time you price-checked Auriok Champion? $25. She occasionally sees play in Modern decklists, due both to the double protection she offers as well as the potential lifegain she brings. She’s a solid answer to burn, as you’ll be unable to swing through her as she stonewalls Monastery Swiftspear and friends, kill her, or deal with the 5-6 life she’ll give her controller in the match. Red/Black decks have issues, and decks that are aimed at dealing 20 instead of 25 or 30 can fade out quickly. And the Auriok Champion is downright awesome as the best Soul Warden variant ever printed for White in casual. So I want to see a cheap Champion for folks to acquire them. A reprint as rare in Modern Masters 2017 would really help. A Commander 2017 reprint would help more, I’ll let you argue over which is the best home. But our good Champion needs to Auriok the Block this year!

And there we have it! There a few cards that I feel would do Magic wonders to see reprinted in 2017. What did I miss? What do you want to see get reprinted? Are you ready for the full-on 2017 effect with Masterpieces all year round?

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