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Ten Cool Combos from Dominaria

Heya! Dominaria fun times are here! Welcome back to the fun-fueled set with all of the cool combos. Given the mammoth number of cards in print, each new card really has a lot of friends waiting to be made. What are you looking for?

There are a ton of combos and synergies here that tweak my radar as I review the list. What about yourself? I’d love to hear your thoughts on cool combos below!

Here is my list of some cool combos for you!

Honorable Mention: Cabal Stronghold + Swamp


Sometimes combos are so good and obvious, you don’t need a writer to tell you that!

Now, let’s get to the actual list.

10. Zahid, Djinn of the Lamp + Paradox Engine

Paradox Engine

I enjoy having a byzantine total Johnny combo for you to enjoy. Here’s a fun one. Cast Zahid with his alternate cost using only artifact or creature mana. Then the artifact you tapped, as well as your mana makers, will untap with the Engine. Not bad, and you invested nothing for the combo, and now have a free Zahid out.

If you want, we could be making infinite mana with Zahid, Djinn of the Lamp too. How? Great question!

Here is the main combo piece I’d want to add.

Cloudstone Curio

After your Zahid arrives on the battlefield, you can bounce another (nonartifact) dork back to your hand to cast. Tap your stuff for mana, and then untap and bounce Zahid and repeat, and each time, whatever extra mana you have lingering will give you a lot of extra mana to blow stuff out. Zahid, the Infinite Mana Maker!

9. Primevals’ Glorious Rebirth + Morality Shift

Morality Shift

Morality Shift is one of the most iconic Abe Cards out there, and in real life, I am famous for Morality Shift combos. I was renowned for the card for years. You can read more about it here.

I adore Morality Shift. It’s a perfect fit for my sort of deck-building style. It also plays like a fun card. Here you are, expecting you are winning, and then . . .  BOOOM! My library and graveyard switch and I have all of these flashback cards and Incarnations and crazy juice coming! I love it.

And it works extremely well with the Glorious Rebirth as well! How can you ensure that you have maximum legendary recursion? Have the biggest graveyard ever with Morality Shift! Enjoy your victoire, my graveyard loving friend!

8. Fall of the Thran + Leyline of the Void

Leyline of the Void

I am sorry casual mages. Mea culpa. But please note the sheer power of this combo. If you control a Leyline of the Void, then all lands that hit the graveyard from your Fall of the Thran are heading to the great Exile Zone in the Sky, save for your own. You can still bring two lands back each turn for the next two turns and be relatively okay. Everyone else though won’t be “relatively okay”. Never again will they look at Fall of the Thran as a “Nicer” Armageddon!

Again, sorry. But for those metagames that enjoy this sort of mass LD tethered to a cool combo, there you are.

7. Tianna, Ship’s Caretaker + Living Weapon


Tianna is brilliant at bringing back a dying Aura or Equipment card for another round. I enjoy cards with enters-the-battlefield triggers like Flight of Fancy (the Aura Mulldrifter) here. While Tianna is great at saving the stuff that makes creatures better, you might feel that she can’t save a team. Don’t forget about living weapon! Cards like Batterskull or Scytheclaw can be brought back to your hand after they hit the hay for another round of dork-making and infusing. That gives Tianna a stronger battle presence than merely recurring a token-making Aura like Cartouche of Solidarity or Fists of Ironwood. Because of that, she also plays well into bigger removal, like Nevinyrral's Disk.

Note that the trigger to bring them back fires when she is in play, she does not have to be on the battlefield during the end step. As an example, if someone casts Akroma's Vengeance when you control Tianna and some stuff to recur, they will come back, as they hit the ‘yard at the same time, and the effect does not require Tianna’s survival until the end step. Good luck Tianna’ing!

Flight of Fancy
Cartouche of Solidarity

Seriously . . .  why are you not playing Flight of Fancy more? Especially (but not exclusively) in Aura builds?

Cloudstone Curio will work here as well.

6. Daring Archaeologist + Origin Spellbomb and Cogworker’s Puzzleknot

Origin Spellbomb
Cogworker's Puzzleknot

A 3/3 body on a Gravedigger is a pretty big deal. Most of these four-mana enters-the-battlefield trigger laden dorks that yield card advantage are 2/2s, like Gravedigger, Solemn Simulacrum, and more. So, getting a 3/3 with a card-advantage trigger is rock-tastic. It’s also in a color to really make that ability shine, and you are netting +1/+1 counter-age as well. The card works well in a lot of shells, and with many artifacts. But there’s just something about the Origin Spellbomb that works for me here. Cast it. Net any triggers. Sacrifice it for a 1/1 Myr and a card. Recur. Recast. More +1/+1 counters and card drawing 1/1 tokens arrive. It helps to push the battlefield into a good place for you while mugging up your hand with options. Ditto the Puzzleknot that can make four 1/1s and a +1/+1 trigger for the Archeologist!

There are a lot of fun little options like that. Nihil Spellbomb. Scroll of Avacyn. Metalspinner's Puzzleknot. Executioner's Capsule. Dispeller's Capsule. Horizon Spellbomb.

It’s just so cute!

5. Precognition Field + Karn, Scion of Urza

I love the many options that Precognition Field opens up. It plays well with a lot of stuff out there. The fact that you can look at the top card anytime, cast instants/sorceries on top of your library and invest some mana in exiling them is sweet. It’s like an improved Soothsaying:


Soothsaying was always an intriguing choice. And clearly, the PreCog Field is going to have a lot of similar synergies with cards from Sensei's Divining Top to Guttersnipe to Crystal Ball that work here.

But I really enjoy the in-set synergy of Karn, Scion of Mishra . . . Urza. Karn’s +1 has great synergy here as you can exile an annoying card that you don’t want to draw. And then you draw stuff, as per the wishes of your foe, thus enabling you to keep the pressure going. It lets you always see the top card for effects like Predict or Ancestral Recall.


The combination of PreCog Field and Karn for Dominarian FUN TIMES is going to be really cool moving forward.

4. Forebear’s Blade + Greater Good

Greater Good

Forebear's Blade is great at adding beats for folks as well as playing darkly with “power matters” cards. One of the best of those is Greater Good! Sacrifice a dork, and then draw three more cards with the Blade, and move the Blade to something else for more increased sacrificing fun! For a chain that’ll draw much of your deck, might I recommend the mana-less Verdant Succession? Sacrifice something like, say, a 4/4 Werebear with the Blade on it, making it a 7/4 to Greater Good. Draw seven, discard three. Fetch up a Werebear and toss it onto the battlefield. (You cannot immediately target the new Werebear with the death trigger on the Blade, as you have to have a target when you put each on the stack). Get creatures, and keep the card drawing going!

3. COMMANDER – Helm of the Host + Zurgo Helmsmasher

Zurgo Helmsmasher

This is a special Commander combo, but Helm of the Host works incredibly well with token making of big beaters, as I am sure you have noticed. That includes your Commander. Any Commander that is being used for a quick player kill with 21 Commander damage is ideal for your Helm. Thus, Zurgo, Smasher o’ Helms as one example.

I chose Zurgo as my example, because I thought it was funny that Him Who Smashes Helms should, in fact, wear a Helm to Smash Faster. But I’m sure you can see just how fast a Zurgo warmachine will kill with an equipped Helm. You can drop the Helm on turn four, Zurgo on turn five and smash for 7 on one player. Then equip on turn six, swing for two Zurgos, and knock out someone who is unprotected. That ain’t nothing!

And you can equip on many Commanders out there that are looking for a quick kill, such as Ruhan of the Fomori and Thromok the Insatiable.

Ruhan of the Fomori
Thromok the Insatiable

Getting a swing in quickly is going to be nasty.

I also really like the Helm for a super-secret reason – Rafiq of the Many:

Rafiq of the Many

Why? Well the token is made before you swing, and thus exalted triggers hit. Often you want to swing with Rafiq, but you risk his death in doing so, especially if your foe has something to trade with. But, if you are swinging with the token that Rafiq makes, then you now have a 5/5 double strike Commander that will die at the end of the turn anyway, so you might as well hit and smash. That level of ramping up and disposability is pretty cool!

2. Cabal Paladin + Zero Cost Artifacts


Don’t forget that historic triggers include artifacts, and thus the Cabal Paladin (and friends) will slide easily alongside many zero-cost artifacts like Ornithopter or Memnite or such. There are many of these “Cast and recast” combos out there with artifact creatures, and Cabal Paladin can be an easy death trigger to use to kill everyone, especially as the Paladin is a strong body with a decent mana investment whose trigger will evade some removal protection (such as Leyline of Sanctity that prevents you from targeted them).

An example of such as shell is Goblin Bombardment and Enduring Renewal among many others. Enjoy!

1. Song of Freyalise + Day of Judgment

Day of Judgment

This combo works with any four-mana sorcery that clears the board. The goal is simple. Cast a creature on turn one of any sort. Then drop the Song of Freyalise on turn two, and tap that creature for mana to cast another creature (if you have one in hand). Then on turn three, move the Saga to II and again your stuff can tap like Birds of Paradise, so you’ll have three lands and then either 1 or 2 creatures to tap for mana. Cast as many creatures as you can. On turn four, move the Song to III and put a +1/+1 an all of your stuff and amp them up. Tap your lands for enough mana to cast Day of Judgment and sweep the board. Luckily, yours are indestructible, and they’ll stick. Swing for a big life hit and momentum. That means at the end of turn four, if all of the creatures you cast were 1/1s, then you will have out, say, four 2/2s and hit for a lot of damage on a naked board. If you cast better, more aggressive creatures like Savannah Lions or such, then you will have likely deal 10 or 12 damage and put yourself into a place to win the game on the next turn!

And there we have it! Ten Cool Combos and Synergies from Dominaria. And those are just some of many that are out there. Anything in here that inspires your deck-building? Any combos you are looking to unleash at your next multiplayer night?

Dominaria is Now Available for Preorder!