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An Eye on Fun


Battlebond is almost here and we hacked through spoilers pretty quickly, and that means it's time for some Commander madness!

The set continues the theme of Commander-eligible non-dorks with two 'walkers that can be your leader (And can partner with each other as well), the Kenriths! (Are they a married couple or family like siblings? I'd guess siblings from the similar physical build and features).

Will Kenrith
Rowan Kenrith

Oh, and can I make a quick suggestion while we ae on the topic of the text "this can be your Commander . . . " may I suggest a way to deal with this text more simply? We found out that The Grand Calcutron was also supposed to have similar text, but ran out of space on the card. Could we add some sort of symbol to the card instead? Maybe we add a quick symbol to the card, like the mana-symbol, that designates a Commander. That way you could add that functionality to a card without needing to cut anything from the text.

Time for some Eye-ing fun!

Okaun, Eye of Chaos
Zndrsplt, Eye of Wisdom

Coin-flipping is back, baby! Let's celebrate with a Commander deck.

An Eye for Fun -- Commander | Abe Sargent

This deck makes me happy!

Coin-flipping is innately an event, much like casting Eureka or tapping Temporal Aperture. Since you don't know the result, it's totally random. So, every coin-flipping effect has a built-in level of fun and suspense. I don't know what's going to happen? It could be anything!

That's where this deck steps up. I tossed in pretty much most playable coin-flipping cards in the colors. Then I threw in some proper event cards to join the list. And this is the result!

Let's start!

First the engines. I have cards like Krark's Thumb that can yield multiple coin-flips and Chance Encounter to win the game with coin flips. Those'll get us started down the coin-flippy path.

Next? I added in cards with solid coin flipping as a key part of their identity, such as Karplusan Minotaur and Two-Headed Giant. These are fine bodies to toss out there.

Check out . . . 

Ydwen Efreet

Ydwen Efreet!

Now why am I running this instead of (or in addition to) Mijae Djinn? Because it can't swing reliably. This is a 100% swinging. In game play, having a creature that can block 50% of the time with a beefy early 3/6 is hard to attack into. You have to assume that they have the ability to block. You aren't attacking with your Ophidian into it. But on offense, I'd rather be 100%. So, it plays better. Although, hey, if you want to Jamie it up, I ain't stoppin' ya. (Ydwen is named after someone named Wendy, and Mijae after a Jamie).

See also: Creepy Doll for a similar 50% chance of being nasty forcing someone to assume they hit the flip.

Creepy Doll

I have card drawing of the coin-flipping persuasion (such as Sorcerer's Strongbox) as well as the free and maybe with an effect style of things like Aleatory or Chaotic Strike.

Oh, and I have some silver-border cards for your consideration:

Goblin Bookie

The first is the iteration of Everythingamajig that flips a coin for mana, and the Goblin Bookie, like Krark's Thumb, which will yield mad reflipping options. Both are strong additions to the deck. No part of either card is, mechanically, something you couldn't see in black border.

I am very very very very very sad that some cards that seem to fit the feel of this set weren't reprinted. I included them in this deck as penance!

The first of those is Mages' Contest which a reprinted art could easily capture the style of the arena, as well as hit the flavor for the set. The Contest of the Mages is fun!

Mages' Contest

This is one of my favorite cards running around. It's just so fun! Start the bidding for this spell! I have cast it many, many times and have used it with power of the sideboard to win Extended tournaments during the Extended era against decks that didn't expect you to answer their spells with a counter (or use a Lava Axe to kill them). It's an amazing tool in the right hands. And it's just fun!

Another of these cards is Illicit Auction.

Illicit Auction

It feels like a powerful thematic addition and it's on theme to boot. I would love to cast Illicit Auction, and then my ally takes your best dork to smash with on the bidding! Note that the Illicit Auction was reprinted in a core set and is a bulk rare not on the Reserve List, so this would have been the perfect place for letting a whole new generation in on the secret of this card's awesomeness. Start the bidding at zero life! Whoever wins, gets the creature!

It's such an awesome card.

Another missed opportunity? Where are my Brothers?

Also, I know it's not (technically) legal, but I added in two Brothers Yamazaki!

Are you really the person to object to me running two Brothers Yamazaki in a Commander deck that doesn't run power cards like Cyclonic Rift, Consecrated Sphinx, Vedalken Shackles or similar nasty stuff that's in every Best Of Commander deck? I would make the argument that me running two Brothers is more in the flavor of the format and the heart of it than others running "Good-Stuff.dec."

In addition to cards like coin-flipping and the cards above, I added in a ton of events to the deck.

Cards that are fun when you play them.

Check out:

Goblin Charbelcher

Goblin Charbelcher -- You never know how much damage you are going to activate for! And are you going to flip over a Mountain for double damage? No idea! (And I'm not running stuff like Scroll Rack, Sensei's Divining Top or Soothsaying to find out either, by the by)

Proteus Staff

Proteus Staff -- The typical thing here is your ongoing ability to turn one of your creatures into an attempt for a bigger one. You can also try to Polymorph your friends' small fry into a house, or your foe's house into a small fry, so it has a lot of fun uses! No one knows what'll pop out of the library!

Chaos Warp

Chaos Warp and Reweave -- These are both solid removal spells that can hit anything. Lands? Dorks? Planeswalkers? Enchantments? Artifacts? Yup! But they come with a surprise on the other end. And we've all used Chaos Warp on our own dork or our own permanent to try and get something good out of the Magic Library Box. That's how hopeful these removal spells can be!

Temporal Aperture

Temporal Aperture -- Ah yes, arguably one of the best event cards ever printed! This is Temporal Aperture. What makes it work here is that you have no chance of predicting what will flip -- as a random deck shuffle precedes the flip. We nicknamed this "Rat-a-tat-tat" in my playgroup and would intone that sound whenever spinning the Wheel of Luck. You can cast the top card for free, so it works well in decks with pricier things. This deck does run a few counters. Note that nowhere in the ability is the requirement to use it only when you can cast sorceries, so you can use it in response to a spell to see if you get that counter. It's the perfect eventful card for this deck!

Liar's Pendulum

Liar's Pendulum -- This is an interesting supplement for your table. Are you going to draw a card for two mana? Basically, the first time you use it, no one knows what's in your hand and you can bluff them all day long if you want. When someone figures your hand out, then just use it after you draw a new card, and then basically it turns to "Did I just draw card X?" You might think you have a 50% chance of drawing a card, but if you can outthink someone at the table, then you will always a greater chance. We had a person, Kevin, in our playgroup I could always outthink. He could never guess right against me. Once I went more than ten turns in a row without a correct answer. I'm not sure Kevin got a single correct one that game.

It's an event all right!

Disrupt Decorum

Disrupt Decorum -- You never know which way someone is going to head, but you know two things when you cast this:

  1. Everyone is going to attack all out.
  2. And they aren't coming your way.

Chaos reigns as people smash face. And you remain on the sidelines just laughing away!

Minds Aglow

Minds Aglow -- Who wants to draw some cards? Jane? Bob? Stevie? Heather? Great! Let's all tap in some of that precious mana and get some cards!

Fact or Fiction

Fact or Fiction -- This is a classic event card. Why would ever want to run something like Jace's Erasure when you can just run this! It's always at least three junk cards or two good ones, your choice. You are guaranteed the best of the top five, and you fill up your 'yard. You don't know what's there, what the piles will look like, or anything else!

Enjoy the FOF.

In addition to FOF or removal like Chaos Warp, I even put in fun, eventful support, like Desertion or Confirm Suspicions rather than simpler, cheaper, and more powerful stuff like Mana Drain or Force of Will.

And that's pretty much a deck!

I hope that you enjoyed my coin-flipping deck led by the partners from the upcoming Battlebond. And I hope you enjoyed the fun fueled antics we added here and there.

Who's ready for fun? Me! (I refuse to do any "Eyes" puns to conclude my article. They are lame. No, "The Eyes Have It!" or something. Ugh.)

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