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Commanding Mishra, Tamer of Mak Fawa


Hello Awesome People! I hope that your day is going incredibly well! Today, I want to look at my second leader from The Brothers War: Mishra, Tamer of Mak Fawa.

Mishra, Tamer of Mak Fawa

Check him out here. The first ability can give all your permanents a very strong ward: sacrifice a permanent. Note that this will let your foes sacrifice tokens like Treasure or Powerstone or Food or just 1/1 token dorks. But even still that's a pretty nice brake on targeted removal on your stuff. Then all of your artifacts in your graveyard has unearth for a cheap three mana. This works for artifacts and artifact creatures, giving you another go around the bin for both. Also note that this will exile the artifact after no matter what you do with it, so that's a one-trick pony and we'll need ways to get fuel into the graveyard like discarding into card drawing card flow and sacrificing in play artifacts for another deep dive. Also note that this can only be used at sorcery speed on your turn. I just put this in my Top Ten Cards from The Brother's War just last Friday. There are currently 96 decks over at EDHREC.com so there is a nice canon for this version of Mishra already.

Ready for my Rakdos artifact unearthing brew? Let's get this thing started!

Key Artifacts

Canoptek Tomb Sentinel
Triplicate Titan

Let's start by looking at fat and fun artifacts to bring back for another go around the bin. The Tomb Sentinel is a 4/3 with vigilance and on curve, and when it enters the battlefield from a graveyard you can exile a target non-land permanent, and it has unearth for 7 mana in case Mishra was answered. It's nice to get exiling removal on a three mana unearth stick that's 4/3 with vigilance. Then the Titan is a 9 cost 9/9 with flying, trample, and vigilance, so it swings in the air untapped with two evasive abilities. Nasty! That's great with a cheap unearth. And then when it dies, you can make three 3/3 Golems, one of each keyword. I also am running Wurmcoil Engine here that has the same style and inspired the Titan.

Check out Metalwork Colossus, which could easily cost just 5 or 6 mana with a few mana rocks and equipment. Then you can sacrifice two artifacts and return it from your graveyard to your hand, so it has a nice stick-to-it-ness. You can sacrifice two Treasures from your dig spells or just things that you just brought back with unearth and then swung with, and loads more. And an unearth on a 10/10 vanilla dork is pretty game winning as a final player kill.

Trading Post is a four drop with four tap abilities, all of which work here. You can discard to gain four life, putting an artifact into your graveyard to activate with Mishra. Then you can pay a life to make a 0/1 Goat for the foddering. Then you can sacrifice a dork to bring back an artifact. Then you can sacrifice an artifact to draw a card. All of those are pretty nasty here.

Synergies and Win Conditions

Scrap Mastery acts as a Living Death for artifacts, swapping everyone's in play artifacts with those in their graveyards. Sacrifice your artifacts with this on the stack to your Metalwork Colossus or Trading Posts to bring back all of your stuff, although the exiled cards cannot be recurred. And Technomancer will mill three and then put up to six mana cost or fewer from your graveyard to the battlefield. That self-milling is great at creating fodder for your recursion like the unearth of Mishra or this Necron Wizard or the Mastery. All work equally well.

Imotekh the Stormlord
Combustible Gearhulk

The Black one is a four-drop 3/3 that will create two 2/2 Necron Warrior artifact dorks every time an artifact leaves your graveyard. That means each unearth of Mishra will make 2/2 dorks when you control this legendary Command Zone eligible dork. It'll also trigger for each Metalwork Colossus activation, and you could get a few 2/2s by discarding to Trading Post or your card draws and then recurring it a few times. The red one is a 6/6 with first strike, very on curve. Then on arrival to the battlefield your foe you target has two options. The first is to let you draw three cards, unlikely unless they have a low life. Then you can mill three to give fodder for Mishra and then deal damage equal to the milled cards total casting cost to that opponent. Here? With the massive synergy and high casting costs of your things? They are likely to just give you the cards.

Szarekh, the Silent King

The former is a four-drop with a higher cost but a nice 3/4 flying body with evasion. And when it swings you can mill three cards, again, nice for unearthing options from Mishra. Then you can put an artifact dork or a Vehicle (I am running one here) into your hand from the milled cards. Nice card flow and recursion over time and also a trigger of the previous card. The latter is a 1/1 flyer. When it or another non-token artifact dies or is put into exile from the graveyard, you drain a life from a targeted foe like a Blood Artist. That is a massive win-con here as you can aim the removal at someone low in life and rack up a few triggers in a turn or two and naturally with your unearthing to give you a win out of nowhere.

Card Flow

The Mightstone and Weakstone
Big Score

Now let's turn to card flow. The artifact is a five-drop legendary that can draw you two cards or shoot a foe for -5/-5, which will kill something with indestructible with a 5 butt or smaller as well as most dorks in the Commander metagame. You can then tap it for two mana for casting artifacts only, so it could be removal or ramping, but I am using it as a card flow slot here. The instant is a four-mana common that discards one, draws two, and then makes two Treasures for sacrificing for big mana stuff like Triplicate Titan or just sacrificing to Metalwork Colossus and Trading Post for cards. I have every discard, draw, Treasure-making effect that's been printed in this deck.

Reckoner's Bargain
Mishra's Command

The common is a two-cost instant that can sacrifice an artifact or creature, draw two cards, and then gain life equal to its mana value, so that could be a lot with things like Triplicate Titan or Metalwork Colossus. It's also a death trigger for things like the Titan or the Wurmcoil, an instant answer to removal that is coming my way to turn the dying thing into cards, or just a way to dig for answers, problems, or sacrifice a key artifact for recursion with Mishra or other things frumping around here. I am also running Deadly Dispute.

Check out the new Command of Mishra. It's flavorful in a Mishra deck and good for X discard up to X cards and draw that many. You can discard lands or artifacts to draw other things. You can also shoot a planeswalker for X, a creature for X, and give haste and pump the power of Mishra out of nowhere for a Commander Damage kill. Nasty stuff, and you can just 2 for one with the planeswalker and creature kill, but I am running it in my card flow suite.

Anrakyr the Traveller
Canoptek Spyder

The rare is a five-drop legendary artifact dork for Command Zone purposes. When it attacks you can cast an artifact from your graveyard for free by spending life equal to its casting cost. That's nasty with your discard, and it triggers the 2/2 making win con we saw earlier, and its card flow over time. It's very strong here. The five drop colorless Spider is a 4/4 with flying. On arrival to the battlefield of another non-token artifact dork (or Vehicle), draw a card. Nasty here given your unearthing will now draw you a card from the first time it arrives and the second.

Mishra, Excavation Prodigy
Reckoner Bankbuster

The three drop is a mono-Red haste 2/1 uncommon that can tap for one mana to discard and then draw, nice card flow over time and a key way to put a fat artifact into the graveyard. Did you discard an artifact with anything? Make two mana, but just once per turn. Nice ramp here and there as well. The vehicle can tap for two mana, pull off a counter and draw a card, which is raw card draw and doesn't come with discarding. You can do that three times with its first counterage. When you pull off the last counter, make a 1/1 Pilot that pilots as a 3/1 to crew it, and make a Treasure token for the sacrificing. Nice synergy with my deck here on an artifact form. Good tapping pair of card flow fun times!


Necron Deathmark

Now let's turn to some answers! Many are commonplace, but check out these! The Deathmark is a five-cost 5/3 with flash that destroys any dork on arrival to the battlefield and can mill you of three cards for additional graveyard options, although you can turn that at a foe if they are about to get decked. Note that this is an artifact dork. Then you can flash this out instant speed, so it's an instant answer, and it can block out of nowhere, so it can be a 2 for 1 with its ETB and blocking and trading with a X/5 dork or smaller that swung your way. The equipment is a six-drop that exiles an opposing dork on arrival to the battlefield like Duplicant. Then you can equip for two mana and give it +X power where X was the exiled creature's power. It's nasty here by answering a dork and then pumping up your Tamer of Mak Fawa for a Commander Damage kill.

Check out Cityscape Leveler and Canoptek Scarab Swarm. The mythic is an eight drop 8/8 artifact dork with trample and unearth 8. When you cast it and when it attacks you can destroy any nonland permanent and its controller gets a tapped Powerstone token. That is a nasty recursive answer over time on an on-curve game winner. The rare is a four-drop 1/1 with flying that on arrival exiles an opposing graveyard and then makes a 1/1 colorless flying Insect artifact dork for each artifact or land that was exiled in this way. That is a great brake on graveyard abuse by your foes. I also am running Bojuka Bog in here in my mana base that hoses a graveyard as well, and this can be a win con and note the Insects both fly and are artifacts.

Mana, Rocks, and Lands

Mind Stone
Armillary Sphere

Now let's turn to mana! The Stone taps for colorless and can tapped with a mana to sacrifice for a card. Nice when you need a removal spell or have your mana set. Then you can bring it back with Mishra's unearthing for three mana and then sacrifice it for another card. I also am running Commander's Sphere that plays into that theme. The Armillary is two to sacrifice and then you can search out two basics and put them into your hand, so it's a double land enabler. Then you can bring it back with Mishra's unearth and sacrifice for two more lands, netting four lands from one Sphere. I also have Expedition Map to get two tutors for any one land from one card and Wayfarer's Bauble that ramps two lands from one card as well.

High Market

The Construct is a two-drop that taps for colorless mana and mills you of a card for graveyard building up over time. It counts as an artifact for Trading Post and as a creature for Trading Post as well. The Market taps for colorless and then taps to sacrifice a dork for a life, so no extra mana is needed to activate this sacrifice. The life doesn't matter, it's here to get death triggers from your Wurmcoil Engine or to bring back a key artifact creature for another go around the bin with unearth. I also am running the sacrificing by tapping dorks Phyrexian Tower that creates two Black mana with the sacrificed dork.

Phyrexia's Core
Geier Reach Sanitarium

The Core is a colorless land that taps with a mana to sacrifice any artifact to gain a life, which is worse that the Market here since you need a mana to tap it, but better with Mishra since you can sacrifice non-creature artifacts like Ichor Wellspring and then bring them back for another ETB trigger. The Sanitarium taps for colorless and then taps with two mana to force all players to draw and discard. It's here for that discard, and it's better than your Red "Discard, then draw" effects since you draw first. The discard will, again, help you fill up your graveyard with the goodies while helping your foes out.

Tomb Fortress
Takenuma, Abandoned Mire

Check out this pair of Black lands. The Fortress enters tapped so it takes a turn off. You can exile it with five mana and then tap it to mill four and then put any creature from your graveyard to the battlefield, even non-artifacts so it's a Zombify in land form. It also self-mills so you can add more fuel to the unearthing fire. The Mire arrives untapped and ready to be used so there is no opportunity cost here. Then you can discard it for no more than four mana and then mill three and Raise Dead a creature or Daretti, Scrap Savant from your graveyard to your hand. The milling is why it's in my deck, since you can mill for growth over time. Nice pair of self-milling Black tapping lands!

And...there we go with the detailing, now let's turn to my decklist!

Unearthing with Mishra | Commander | Abe Sargent

Card Display

What did you think of my decklist? Anything in there that is missing or that you like? Just let me know in the comments below, and have an awesome day!!!

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