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Community Claims Another Cup


Jumping out into the lead on Friday, the Community team for the Magic Online Community Cup never looked back as they rolled the Wizards team 233 to 201 points.

The community claims victory in the 2013 Community Cup!

Everyone on the Community Team contributed to this year's victory, taking the cup back from last year's Wizards win:

  • Reid Duke
  • Melissa DeTora
  • Michael Jacob
  • Matthew Watkins
  • Tom Delia
  • Kenji Egashira
  • Jan van der Vegt
  • Keya Saleh

Thanks to their hard work, every player that logged into Magic Online during the course of the Cup will receive a sweet promo Sliver Queen and Rackdos Cackler:

Sliver QueenRakdos Cackler

It's just one more things to celebrate during tonight's Theros-themed PAX Party. If you want to read up on everything that make this year awesome be sure to check out the official 2013 Community Cup coverage at DailyMTG.

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