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Hallelujah for Alex!

What do the following three Innistrad Block Constructed decks have in common?

All three were narrowly defeated by "insaynely" masterful Canadian player Alexander Hyane, and his aptly titled deck: Hallelujah!

Almost completely creatureless, Alexander played a unique twist on classic control strategies going into an unknown metagame. Making the most of the miracle mechanic, Alex's deck looks to draw a card every turn of the game yet contains no direct way to manipulate the top card of the deck. Alexander himself explained the deck in a Deck Tech by coverage personality and Pro Tour Historian Brian David-Marshall.

Congratulations to Alexander Hayne on not only winning the Barcelona trophy, but also 2012 Rookie of the Year! We look forward to great things down the long road Alexander now travels.

If you're looking for more information about Pro Tour Avacyn Restored, you can catch up on all the action over at!