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Samuel Vuillot wins Grand Prix Utrecht


After a week off for Modern the Grand Prix circuit returned to Standard with Grand Prix Utrecht. The Top 8 once again reflected the big three of Standard with Saheeli Rai - Felidar Guardian combo, Winding Constrictor Black Green, and Mardu Vehicles. The Red-White-Black decks, however, added a new wrinkle. Showcased in winner Samuel Vuillot's build, three of the Mardu decks included Walking Ballista main. These decks were slightly slower than the traditional Mardu Vehciles builds but were able to keep up with the other decks in the format in the middle stages of the game. Will Mardu Ballista be the impetus for the next stage of this Standard? We'll have to see what happens in the wake of Vuillot's victory.

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