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Organized Play Updates for 2018


Today Scott Larabee gave us a bounty of information on Grand Prix and Regional Pro Tour Qualifiers for the 2018 calendar year. This will be the first year that Grand Prix will be run exclusively by ChannelFireball Events and it seems that change is in the air.

Perhaps the largest change is the way the cut to Day Two will take place. Instead of 9 rounds on Day One with 6-3 records making the cut, Constructed and Team Limited Grand Prix will be 8 rounds with a record of 6-2 coming back to play on Sunday. Day Two will be 7 rounds for Constructed Grand Prix and 6 rounds for Team Limited.

These models would not work for regular Limited events since Drafts on Day Two are three rounds apiece. To solve this issue all players who make it to a 6-2 record in the Sealed portion will play an additional round of Sealed (for 9 total rounds) and return on Day Two for two drafts.

Larabee's article also detailed the current schedule for Grand Prix in 2018, showed off the cool new promo Mutavault, and gave an update on Grand Prix Sunday Pro Tour Qualifiers. These tournaments will qualify the winners for the same Pro Tour as the associated Grand Prix and feature the same format, including Team Limited, Modern, and Legacy.

The article also detailed changes to the way Regional Pro Tour Qualifiers work. These tournaments will now scale with attendees. RPTQs with 8-16 players will qualify 1 player for the associated Pro Tour and 2 players for the next round of RPTQs. If a tournament has 17-46 players, 2 will earn an invite to the Pro Tour and 4 to the next round of RPTQs. Tournaments with 47-93 participants will send 4 players to the Tour while those with 94 or more will send 8. Tournaments of this size will qualify 8 players for the next round of RPTQs.

RPTQs the send players to Pro Tour Dominaria will provide an alternate art Noble Hierarch as an attendance promo.

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