Vikings Gone Wild: Masters of Elements
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The Grand Prix Circuit Stops in Hong Kong, Liverpool, and Phoenix

Pro Tour Ixalan is mere days away and this weekend saw Grand Prix in Hong Kong, Liverpool, and Phoenix. All three tournaments featured Ixalan Sealed on Day One and Draft on Day Two. Ixalan has proved to be a challenging format to pin down and the triple Grand Prix weekend would provide a chance for the games' best to study the format under the lights.

As of the writing of this piece Grand Prix Phoenix is in the Top 8 and features Reid Duke, Christian Calcano, and Hall of Famer Anton Jonsson. Lee Shi Tian made another Grand Prix Top 8 in Hong Kong but it was Sato Rei who won the day with Blue-Green splashing Lurking Chupacabra. Over in Liverpool it was Marc Purvis who hoisted the trophy with an aggressive Red-White deck.

The format still has space to be explored. As players try to press their advantage next week it will be interesting to see which strategies emerge victorious at the Pro Tour.

Update: In the finals of Grand Prix Phoenix, Sean Miller on Red-White defeated Reid Duke on Green-White in three games.

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