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Seth Manfield wins Pro Tour Ixalan

Pro Tour Ixalan was going to be different from the start. Whereas most recent Pro Tours have taken place shortly after a set's release, this time around the Standard format had a chance to mature. On top of the new schedule, this Pro Tour also saw the official launch of the Pro Tour Team Series and the induction of Martin Juza and Josh Utter-Leyton into the Pro Tour Hall of Fame.

At the end of 16 rounds only 8 players remained. Leading the pack was Mike Sigrist, the only player on Team ChannelFireball who isn't in the Hall of Fame, on Four-Color Energy. Piotr Glogowski of Poland also ran Four-Color Energy while Christian Hauck opted for a straight Temur Build. Former World Champion Seth Manfield, of Team Genesis, opted for Sultai Energy. Pascal Maynard of Massdrop East opted for Blue-White God-Pharaoh's Gift while another former World Champion Guillaume Matignon was on Jeskai Approach of the Second Sun. Rounding out the Top 8 was John Rolf on Ramunap Red and Samuel Ihlenfeldt on Mardu Vehicles.

Pascal Maynard was up first and made short work of Glogowski while John Rolf ran over Hauck. On the other side of the bracket Seth Manfield emerged victorious in the battle of World Champions while Mike Sigrist fell in five games to Ihlenfeldt, playing in his first Pro Tour. The dream was short lived as the rookie fell to Manfield in three games. Seth was joined by Maynard after the White-Blue deck with Angel of Invention made life short for the Red deck.

The finals went the full five games. Maynard jumped out in game one with his deck firing on all cylinders. Manfield took the next two but a strong draw from Maynard in game four, despite inadvertently missing a land drop, forced a game five. Manfield led off aggressively with two copies of Glint Sleeve Siphoner. They kept the cards flowing and at a key moment Manfield was able to resolve Duress to take away Maynard's hope in the form of Fumigate. Seth continued to apply pressure and had the win in hand. As he was doing the final piece of combat math Pascal Maynard removed his headphones and moved to the other side of the table to hug his friend, the newest Pro Tour Champion.

Manfield's victory gives Team Genesis a one point lead in the Pro Tour Team Series over Team Channel Fireball. Congratulations to Seth Manfield - your Pro Tour Ixalan Champion!

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