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Tom Martell Triumphs at Grand Prix Atlanta


Leading up to Grand Prix Atlanta, the general consensus amongst Magic's best players was that green was the least desirable color in Battle for Zendikar draft. The small sample size of Atlanta's Top 8 won't change that, but on this Sunday, green emerged triumphant.

The finals pitted two of games best against each other. In one corner, piloting a blue-red tempo deck, was Worlds runner-up, former Player of the Year, and current second ranked player Owen Turtenwald. His opponent was Pro Tour Gatecrash champion Tom Martell with a four color base green deck. Martell leveraged Beastcaller Savant and Lifespring Druid to push the power up on his Tajuru Stalwart and allow Tom to cast Roil Spout. In the end Tom's multichromatic army was too much for Owen's defenses to handle and Martell added a third Grand Prix title to his resume.

Congratulations Tom Martell, your Grand Prix Atlanta champion!

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