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Greece wins the 2016 World Magic Cup


In a story three years in the making Greece has captured the 2016 World Magic Cup title!

Greece, captained by Bill Chronopoulos made the finals of this event in 2014. After missing the Sunday stage last year the team, all hailing from Athens, vowed to come home victorious in 2016. Their path was not an easy one as their spot in the Top 8 came down to Panagiotis Papadopoulos winning a critical match against Malaysia.

The Top 8 was full of established teams and upstarts. Team Italy was back to defend their title behind Andrea Mengucci against the likes of Finland, Australia, Ukraine, Panama, and Belarus. In the end it was Team Belgium featuring the Vieren brothers Peter and Pascal facing off against Greece in the finals. Greece went up a match and it came down to Chronopoulos on Dredge against Jerome Bastogne and his Goryo's Vengeance combo deck. Jerome put up a good fight but in the end Bill managed to get a Conflagrate into his graveyard and with a flurry of cards Greece claimed the crown.

Complete coverage of this year's World Magic Cup can be found on the official coverage page.

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