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Un-Sets to Be Legal in Commander until January


Unstable may release next Friday but the Commander community woke up today to an announcement of unbelievable proportions. The Rules Committee has declared that, with a few exceptions, cards from Unglued, Unhinged, and Unstable, as well as Holiday Promos and other silver bordered cards (like the HasCon Promos) will be legal until the next banned list announcement on January 15, 2018.

Commander is unique among officially supported Magic formats in that an external group - the aforementioned Rules Committee - curates the banned list and other rules. During spoiler season the community was abuzz about some of the Unstable Legendary Creatures and how well they would work in certain Commander playgroups. Now, instead of relying on the permission of their local group, these players can take out their Baron von Count decks without a care in the world.

The complete announcement can be found here, including the temporary additions to the banned list. But we want to know: What Unstable cards pique your interest for Commander? What about older silver border cards?

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