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National Champions on Top in Singapore and New Jersey


This year's days are numbered. With just over two weeks left, 2017 has sent of the Magic world with a bang. Dual Ixalan Limited Grand Prix, in Singapore and New Jersey close out the year's high profile play. The next Grand Prix will take place in a new year. But first there was some unfinished business to attend - the crowning of two new champions.

First at Grand Prix Singapore, the champion defended his home turn. Singapore National Champion Lim Zhong Yi came out on top of an impressive Top 8 that included Hall of Famer Shuhei Nakamura, Pro Tour Top 8 competitors Yam Wing Chun and Tomoharu Saito, and member of the World Magic Cup winning Japan National Team Kenta Harane (where he was also the National Champion). But Lim Zhong Yi was not going to lose in Singapore, taking out both Kenta Harane and Tomoharu Saito on his way to the trophy.

Halfway across the world Grand Prix New Jersey was not going to be outdone. The Top 8 in that affair included Pro Tour winner Seth Manfield, former Player of the Year Mike Sigrist, Canadian National Champion Kale Thompson, as well as Gerard Fabiano and Valentin Mackl. A star studded affair, it was Kale Thompson who emerged victorious. Like his counterpart in Singapore, Thompson had a challenging road in the Top 8, having to defeat Sigrist in the semifinals before squaring off against Manfield, the current number 1 ranked player in the world, in the finals.

Congratulations to Lim Zhong Yi and Kale Thompson on victories hard fought! The Grand Prix circuit will return to action in 2018.

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