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Temur Sunbird's Convergence

Man it’s already Friday? Well, I’m not going to complain. Friday is always a good day and with a good day comes a great brew. While I’ve still been toying around with Mastermind Ramp, I’ve also been playing another ramp deck. This one is another hit from good friend Darryl Donaldson. I played a handful of matchups and the deck feels great. While I changed about four or five cards, the core of the deck is still 100% Darryl’s and it’s a great core. Today I’m going to be exploring yet another take on Hour of Promise. I know you’ve been asking to see some of my brews in action, so today I’m also going to have a couple of matches. These matches are meant to showcase the deck and what it can do.

Let’s go ahead and look at this masterpiece.

All the ramp and all the big stuff! This deck doesn’t play cards like Mastermind's Acquisition or Approach of the Second Sun.This is unheard of in most Hour of Promise decks. Instead, it focuses on ramping into haymaker after haymaker. Each card you play after you ramp threatens to take over the game if you untap with them in play. The Immortal Sun is a powerful card, especially in conjunction with The Locust God who can abuse The Immortal Sun the most. The Locust God takes advantage of the draw ability as well as the +1/+1 anthem ability. You can even have turns where you play The Locust God with The Immortal Sun on the battlefield and then aftermath Memory to swing in for a hasty fourteen point of damage in the air.

Like most ramp decks, the goal is to just not die. When you get to the mid-late game, few to zero decks can go over the top of you. This deck has a slightly worse matchup against the hyper aggressive decks, but it’s still okay thanks to main deck Magma Sprays, Harnessed Lightnings, and Hour of Devastation. For that trade off you almost never run out of cards because all your top end cards generate card advantage. Even the ramp in Spring // Mind refills your hand and catch all card, Commit // Memory refills it as well.

The concept of the deck is simple enough, but you’ll have some decisions that can be tough. Knowing when to wrath the board or when to be patient and just drawing cards from Arch of Orazca or Mind seems easy, but it can be the difference between a win or a loss. Don’t forget that you can use Ipnu Rivulet to mill out a bury opponent or to flip your Search for Azcanta quicker. Also remember that cards cast with Aftermath will not trigger Sunbird's Invocation, but they will trigger Swarm Intelligence. Swarm Intelligence is a may, you will have times where you won’t want to copy your Hour of Devastation because it will kill your 6/6 Wurm tokens (Immortal Sun) or you might not want to copy your Mind because you’re running out of cards and decking could be an issue. These sound like silly board states, but they will come up!

Ready to see a couple of matches with deck? Let’s do it!

Time Stamps

Match 1 — 00:07:41

Match 2 — 00:47:47

Those matches were fun! You saw the deck do some crazy things and it will always do those crazy things if given enough time. The deck is a blast to play and is also competitive, go forth and ramp up with Hour of Promise. Then proceed to win with whatever your heart desires.

If you have questions or play this deck, make sure to tweet at me or leave your questions down below. I will answer every tweet and I will be checking the comment section of this article throughout the weekend to answer any questions.

As always, thank you for reading!

Ali Aintrazi

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