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Ali Plays Historic Four-Color Reanimator


Today we are were graced by April King's @CubeApril on Twitter) four color reanimator deck! She has had a lot of success with the deck and I decided to give it a go! The deck is not all in on the reanimator package but instead plays like a midrange/control deck by keeping the battlefield under control. You do have the Atraxa finish but you also can get Atraxa into play on turn three with Priest of Fell of Rites and a loot spell on turn three. Diviner of Fates is your bread and butter here, allowing you to cycle through your deck and find what you need. Deck is really cool and very fun and grinds like no other. Enjoy the games!

Time Stamps:

02:48 - Match 1

17:43 - Match 2

34:15 - Match 3

As always, thanks for reading,


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