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Ali Plays Historic Sultai Golos


Welcome back everyone! Today is Friday and we will be playing best of three, taking Drglord's Golos deck he played to Top 20 mythic this season and giving it a whirl. It is a pretty stock Golos deck with some oddballs but those oddballs are really good as one offs.

This is the list.

Time Stamps:

01:09 - Match 1

14:21 - Match 2

39:21 - Match 3

45:49 - Match 4

The cards that stick out are Massacre Wurm, Craterhoof Behemoth, and Atris, Oracle of Half-Truths. These are all great singletons as two can just end the game or swing them heavily in your favor (Craterhoof and Massacre Wurm) and the first Atris is always very good so you never mind drawing one. It's a body that blocks, attacks with menace, generates card advantage and fuels the graveyard for Uro.

The only thing I would change is to add Casualties of War since Wilderness Reclamation is making its way back. I would try to find room for two main deck and one more for the Sideboard. If you enjoy Golos/Field decks then give this deck a go.

Stay safe everyone and I will see you all back next week!

Enjoy, until next time!

Ali Aintrazi

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