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Pioneer Maze's End


I've seen a handful of Field of the Dead decks doing well in Pioneer and I decided I'd try to a Field of the Dead deck with Maze's End. Circuitous Route, Hour of Promise, and Golos can all find gates if we want to win via gates against a slower deck and we also have the strong Field of the Dead plan to kill the opponent. So, we aren't all in on Maze's End but we can be if we want to thanks to the versatility of those three cards grabbing any lands.

Here's the list

Time Stamps:

Match 1 - 00:02:11

Match 2 - 00:16:14

Match 3 - 00:27:34

Match 4 - 00:41:05

Match 5 - 01:00:36

Deck isn't too hard, just ramp and ramp until you win with Field of the Dead or Maze's End. You can also just win on the back of Ugin, the Spirit Dragon as a lot of decks can't beat him if he's played early. I wasn't sure what I wanted for the sideboard as I'm still not sure what the Pioneer metagame is, but I believe a lot of non-combo decks suffer from not knowing the metagame. Deck was a bit stressful to play as some games I had all lands or few lands. Missing land drops in a 30-land deck can be a little frustrating. Oh well, that's Magic though, variance is part of the game. If you figure out Maze's End let me know!

As always thanks for reading and I hope you have wonderful weekend!

Ali Aintrazi

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