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Budget Gems from New Capenna


Welcome back every, and sorry for the extended delay! There were unexpected events that have happened over the past few weeks, but we are none the less back! Since our last article we have some new toys, so we're going to go over cards that have recently been released in Streets of New Capenna. Hopefully, by the end of this read you will consider trading into some of these gems, whether it be for your trade binder or to play!

Slip Out the Back
Slip Out the Back immediately caught my eye! Coming in at $0.47 for non-foils and $1.23 for foils (mtgstocks.com), foils are a steal at the current rate! This is something that could play well in Simic (Green/Blue) decks thank to the +1/+1 counter. Overall, it can be used in any Blue deck with creatures. There are other 1-drops out there that work as counters to removal; but, with this one we can potentially protect one of our creatures from board wipes that destroy or exile.

Being able to keep what you need on the board for just one mana is a huge deal in any game, and something your opponent is not going to want to deal with. Regarding the aspect of countering exile, we are limited when looking at mana cost. If an opponent plays something like Sphere of Annihilation, Settle the Wreckage, or possibly Descend upon the Sinful, Slip Out the Back is one you would like to have in your back pocket to save something you need to keep around.

There are a couple other aspects to consider when looking at Slip Out the Back. The first is that it has gone up almost 200% in value since its bottom price for foils was at $0.45 on April 26th. That's probably because it is used in every sixty-card Eternal format outside of Vintage currently. That will eventually drive the price of the foils up once it is being recognized by players. Where the price will end up, I am not quite sure. But based on where it is at right now it is going nowhere but up. Trade into these asap if you have the trade available!

Rumor Gatherer
Rumor Gatherer is our next card on the list. Its current price is at $0.27 for non-foils and $0.56 for foils (mtgstocks.com). This is a great complimentary piece for weenie-based decks, but also Selesnya elves. I do see the slight negative of needing two White to cast it, but it's important to consider that tokens can it trigger as well! For a 3-drop, the upside is most certainly there. I don't think this will go sky high in price, but it would be a great budget friendly piece to add to your collection.

Speaking of weenie decks, Patch Up is a card that should be considered as well! Coming in at $0.23 for non-foils and $0.50 for foils (mtgstocks.com), this is a steal! Board wipes are a weenie deck's worst nightmare, and this would allow us to immediately get three creatures back!

Something else to think about is using this with any sacrifice and recursion decks. We can use a card like Patch Up to get cards back that we used to sacrifice for various reasons, and potentially repeat the process. Not to mention in a deck like that one could assume Corpse Knight would be in there somewhere, and that would inflict more damage upon Patch Up resolving. There was another card I brought up months back called Immortal Servitude. Patch Up would synergize well with this as a less costly play. Granted we only get three creatures back, but its less mana used. I would look at Patch Up as the Mid-game play and Immortal Servitude as the late-game play. This one is interesting enough to definitely put on your radar and acquire some while the going rate is low!

Public Enemy
Public Enemy is one to consider when playing Commander. The current price is $0.20 for non-foils and $0.34 for foils (mtgstocks.com). I like this one because it can force people in the pod to take out a deck we feel is the most threatening. I would use something to tap down a creature that opponent controls, whether it be by creature ability or another aura to permanently tap it. Then I would throw Public Enemy on that creature. Then, the only way our opponent can rid of the creature is by sacrificing or destroying it. Do I think this will skyrocket in value? Not really. I just wanted to bring it up for budget players that might be looking at options for disruption, and this definitely can do that.

Venom Connoisseur is next with non-foils coming in at $0.15 and foils at $0.25 per copy (mtgstocks.com). This is a very niche card but synergizes extremely well with a pet card of mine in Fynn, the Fangbearer. We can utilize Venom Connoisseur's ability along with Fynn, the Fangbearer's ability to potentially win a game almost immediately depending on board state. This would be a weenie styled deck to utilize these abilities quickly and efficiently. Using Venom Connoisseur opens the deck up to good cheap creatures without deathtouch that might add more speed or card advantage. When I saw Venom Connoisseur, I thought it might just be the thing Fynn, the Fangbearer needed to get its usage up. This is a great utility card for other decks as well, and its ability should not be overlooked. Consider trading out some bulk for a playset of these.

Bouncer's Beatdown
Bouncer's Beatdown is interesting as more of a sideboard piece, but also has potential for the mainboard depending on the build. The current price is $0.15 for non-foils and $0.25 for foil copies (mtgstocks.com). I almost like this more as planeswalker removal than creature removal. It could be because I have PTSD from Teferi and a lot of planeswalker decks out there I have lost to. It being Green is perfect considering Green is supposed to be all about big creatures, and there are plenty of big powered creatures for cheap to utilize this spell optimally. The option to make the spell a 1-drop by targeting a Black creature or planeswalker definitely helps. There are plenty of decks out there that with Nicol Bolas as both creature and planeswalker. As long as we have a creature like Lovestruck Beast, Rotting Regisaur, Plague Belcher, Steel Leaf Champion, or Wayward Swordtooth, we will be able to rid of most threats. Overall, I felt this was one people might be overlooking and should be brought up.

That is all for today and I hope to have another article for you guys soon!

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