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Brainstorm Brewery #61 – Limited Finances


Somehow, the gang manages to talk Marshall Sutcliffe of Limited Resources into appearing on an episode! Along with a lot of leant credibility come insightful questions about finance that everyone has asked at some point as well as a thorough rundown of how to avoid the “slow bleed” of trying to go infinite on Magic Online Limited.

This episode has something for everyone, and you won’t want to miss it. Does Wizards owe the player base anything? How will a few events in the community shake things up moving forward? Whom did we say goodbye to this week? Can Marshall stump the gang when it comes time for What’s It Worth? What is a “spread” anyway? How do you decide if a trade is truly in your favor? Find out the answer to all these questions and more on a bonus-sized episode that will make you forget the gang ever missed a cast. Join us for another scintillating episode of your favorite podcast that will have you asking, “Those Comic-Con planeswalkers are worth how much?” It’s the number-one finance podcast by default Brainstorm Brewery.

"Top quality financial information and innovative deck brewing!"


You can subscribe to the show via the RSS feed for Brainstorm Brewery or on iTunes. You can also download this week's episode.

  • San Diego Comic-Con has come and gone, and also gone are the exclusive black-on-black planeswalkers. Did you have a chance to buy these at $65? Didn’t think so! Find out the gang’s opinions on Marshall’s contention that printings like this are rubbing the player base the wrong way.
  • What’s It Worth? is heavily-informed by the StarCityGames events this weekend. What do we see going up soon? Does the price that dealers are willing to pay influence whether to buy in with cash or pick up cards in trade? What is a “spread” anyway? Find out, suckas!
  • What’s the play when it comes to Magic Online drafting? Marshall talks at length about the “slow bleed” and how to maximize your winnings to ensure you spend less to play online—a lesson that has implications in finance at large.
  • Marshall proposes a trade he’s on the fence about—hear how the gang can’t agree whether it’s a snap-trade, and see how their individual ins and outs influence their answers. There’s no right answer when it comes to a trade that’s close in value; see whose situation lines up with yours, and decide what you would do in a trade analysis that just might become a regular segment.
  • What’s It Worth? happens—kind of. See what I mean by that by tuning in.
  • Are you a big fan but feel that you have no one local to bond with over this excellent cast? Find out how to join the Brew Crew Magic Online clan or the Google+ group. Be a founding member of the fan community, and be able to tell future fans you were there at the Brew Crew’s inception!

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