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Brainstorm Brewery #85 – Jason in Stereo


Brainstorm Brewery doubles down on Jasons as they are joined by real-world MTG financier Jason (@time_elemental) to talk about Born of the Gods, the 20-tix contest, his finance philosophy, and more. Is this set really Dragon's Maze 2.0? Is Pain Seer the next Bob or the next Blood Scrivener? How many cards do you draw from a Blood Scrivener anyway? Ryan was right about something, caus-ing Jason to dub him “King of the Vorthos,” but what was it? What goes into how much, total, a set should cost? If Ryan is King of the Vorthos, who is King of the Wescoes? Is it going to become confusing with two guys named Jason? Will our Jason let it not be? It's a photo finish at the hour mark as the gang tries once again to cram too much value into an episode, and as always, they'll leave you wanting more and ready for next week. Join us for a fun-filled episode that will have you running over to Gatherer to look up Mindclaw Shaman and Blood Scrivener and will leave you asking, “How long did people draft Dark Ascension?” Join us for Brainstorm Brewery.

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  • The usual gang of miscreants is joined by guest financier Jason (@time_elemental).
  • How does Jason (JR to his friends) go about finance given his background in actual finance?
  • Marcel very famously hung JR out to dry—catch the retelling if you missed Meavy Meta #1
  • Pick of the Week is a veritable cornucopia as the guest comes more prepared than the hosts.
  • What is your strategy for potential unbannings? Does Modern need bannings more than unbannings?
  • The second Pick of the Week is even better than the first.
  • Who is really affecting the market? It may be more complex than we thought.
  • Spoilers galore are discussed, and the set is all but revealed.
  • Okay, last chance to enter the Photoshop contest. You're lucky we keep forgetting to announce a winner.

Cabe Riseau produced the intro and out-ro music for Brainstorm Brewery.

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