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Brainstorm Brewery #145 — Fragments of Imagination


It’s not all Vegas talk this week. Not that much of anything really happened financially this week. Mike Flores played a weird Dragon deck and made some cards that we wanted to go down not go down, but other than that, it’s all gas, as this frees us up to talk about what we want. Was the Modern Masters 2015 Edition spoiler real? The gang can’t agree. It’s a contentious episode in which only one cast member is introduced, other podcasts are insulted, and no one thinks to make a Fogo bet this close to the whole gang getting together to eat at Fogo for the first time in two years. This is a wild one, and don’t miss it or you’ll regret it to your dying day.

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  • Finance 101 is an e-mail, and it’s all about Magic Online and real dollas.
  • Was the Modern Masters 2015 Edition spoiler real?
  • VEGA$
  • How do we handle being in Vegas at the biggest Grand Prix ever? Tips abound.
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