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Brainstorm Brewery #149 — Gerry T Pities the Fool


It might seem that finance talk would be light given the guest of such a high caliber, as the gang is joined by Gerry Thompson (@G3RRYT), but you’d be wrong. There is plenty of time to pick Gerry’s brain and hear about where he came from and what’s next for him, but his insights are invaluable to financiers of every stripe. How does a pro like Gerry feel about the “Maynard ’Goyf” debacle? How is he doing in the SSL? What’s the future of Magic Online and Modern and Magic? It’s all here. Strap in, and put this podcast in your head holes.

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  • The gang is joined by Pro phenom Gerry Thompson (@G3RRYT).
  • Who is Gerry T, really?
  • How did he get started?
  • What was working at Wizards like?
  • How is Gerry doing in the SSL?
  • Six decks in the Top 8 of a Modern event? Oh my!
  • Tainted Top 8?
  • Fake tournament reports?
  • How does Gerry feel about the “Maynard ’Goyf”?
  • Pick of the Week
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