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Brainstorm Brewery #155 — MODO Times, They Are A-Changin'


Get hype. Marcel is back, and the gang is firing on all cylinders with a midafternoon cast that should have more energy than the usual record-at-midnight shenanigans the gang usually gets up to. There is a lot on the old docket, and . . . look, it’s an episode of Brainstorm Brewery. Do you need to be sold on the ’cast at this point? Do you trust us to know what we’re doing? Just put this podcast in your head, and let us entertain you for an hour.

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  • Finance 101 is all about when to buy a spec (and when not to).
  • How did Magic Origins impact Standard and Modern?
  • Big changes are coming to Magic Online. Who’s impacted? Find out, nerd.
  • We read some e-mails! Finally!
  • Pick of the Week!
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  • Need to contact us? Hit up BrainstormBrew at gmail dot com.

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