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Brainstorm Brewery #118 – Corbin's True Value


The Pro Tour is over, but you wouldn't know it because Brainstorm Brewery is a man down after sever jet lag, and some procrastination-related complications sideline everyone's fourth-favorite cast member. With one fewer person to fill awkward silences, his true worth on the cast becomes apparent to everyone. Will the entire gang manage to get together and record regularly again or will communicable disease season claim the voices of a different member next week?

It's Pro Tour recap time, and there is plenty to talk about. Who is too sick to make the cast? Who gets to bask in the glory of correct calls that other cast members maligned? Which sets' cards are better than others as buys during the Pro Tour weekend? Find out the answers to all of these questions and more on a very special episode of your favorite podcast that will have you asking, "Why is Marcel doing shout outs again? Didn't Jason threaten to murder him last time?" Join us for Brainstorm Brewery.

"Top quality financial information and innovative deck brewing!"

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  • Jeskai Ascendancy Storm? In Standard? What in the actual world?
  • Ari Lax is the Pro Tour winner with Abzan Midrange.
  • Finance 101 is all about buying before and after the Pro Tour.
  • Pick of the Week is back, with more picks than there are cast members this week.
  • Questions? Concerns? E-mail brainstormbrew at gmail dot com.

Cabe Riseau produced the intro and outro music for Brainstorm Brewery.

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