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Brainstorm Brewery #154 — Original Gangsters


Yeah, there’s no Marcel this week. Hey! Don’t go anywhere! There’s still a perfectly good podcast, jackass. Not only that, but Marcel has agreed to step in and do the intro and outro. What a deal! You can’t beat that with a Woodland Bellower. Make no mistake; this is a full episode, filled with intrigue and financial calls and more intrigue. Aren’t you intrigued? You better be! We doubled down on the intrigue. Sucker.

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  • Marcel shows up for the intro.
  • Finance 101 is about the “Rabblemaster Effect,” which is a thing.
  • How was the prerelease?
  • What do we think of Magic Origins?
  • The rules changed recently. What do?
  • Pick of the Week! Nerds.
  • The outro is just for you.
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