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Hayne Crushes Calgary


630 players came to Calgary to play Standard with Magic 2014. Going into the event, the room looked to be absolutely dominated by Jund midrange and, at the end of day one, four of the five undefeated decks were Jund midrange decks. After fourteen rounds, the Top 8 was significantly more diverse, with six different archetypes represented, ranging from Mono-Red to UWR Flash to The Rock.

Grand Prix Chicago chapion Jacob Wilson and Pro Tour Avacyn Restored champion Alexander Hayne each secured another Grand Prix Top 8, both playing UWR Flash, while Lucas Siow and Matt Nass finished just outside the Top 8. Alexander Hayne battled his way through a UWR mirror against Jacob Wilson, and two Jund matchups against Ryan Zawalsky in the semis and Stephane Gerard in the finals on his way to the trophy, but in the end he took it down in a flurry of Sphinx's Revelations.

Check out the Top 8 decklists below, or head over to DailyMTG.com to check out the official coverage of the event.

Congratulations to Alexander Hayne, Champion of Grand Prix Calgary!

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