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Pardee Takes Portland


979 players converged on Portland to play in the first Modern Grand Prix since the release of Dragon's Maze. Throughout the weekend, various versions of Jund, Junk, Robots, and Melira Pod really seemed to define the event. We saw decks like UWR Control and Living End at the top tables and throughout the Top 16, but in the end it was Scapeshift, Melira Pod, and Robots who made it to the elimination rounds.

The Top 16 for this event was absolutely stacked. Just the Top 8 featured Hall of Famer Zvi Mowshowitz as well as Paul Rietzl and Sam Pardee. If we take a step further back and look at the next eight, we see Jon Finkel, Andrew Cuneo, Patrick Sullivan, and Craig Wescoe as notable Pro Tour competitors, as well as Dave Shiels and Michael Simon who have been making their rounds on the Grand Prix Circuit.

In the end, it was Sam Pardee who took the event down, conquering Paul Rietzl in the quarterfinals, Dan Macdonald in the semifinals, and Joe Demestrio in the finals. This is the second Grand Prix Top 8 that Sam has earned with Melira Pod this season. Check out Sam's Melira Pod list as well as the rest of the Top 8 Decks below, or head over to DailyMTG.com for the official coverage for more information.

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