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An Evolved Combo


It's been awhile since we've seen a Collected Company-style combo deck put up good results in Modern. The combination of mana creatures, value creatures, combo engines, and either Collected Company or Chord of Calling to stitch it all together is very powerful, but it's not the only creature-based combo deck in the format. Eldritch Evolution is a card that hasn't seen nearly as much play as people initially suspected, but Jeff Hoogland seems to think that it might be the right time for it:

Felidar Guardian
The key to this deck is Saheeli Rai and Felidar Guardian. These cards give you the ability to combo off from very little base if your opponent gives you the time. They also let you rebuy all manner of value creatures to punish opponents who aren't prepared to interact with your gameplan. Flickering cards like Avalanche Riders, Eternal Witness, or Reflector Mage is a great way to lock up the game and prevent your opponent from gaining much traction.

The two cards that give this deck an overwhelming early game are Renegade Rallier and Eldritch Evolution. Rallier can be turned on with miscellaneous fetchlands and can rebuy lands or mana creatures to provide further acceleration or even value creatures like Voice of Resurgence. Eldritch Evolution allows you to turn your Voice of Resurgences and Renegade Ralliers into powerful haymakers for particular matchups, like Thragtusk.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of this deck is just how big it's capable of going. The ability to copy Renegade Ralliers means that you can reasonably work your way up to quite a bit of mana, which makes Sun Titan a reasonable option. Sun Titan can rebuy all of your value creatures or just allow you to combo off with multiple copies of Saheeli Rai. You can use one Saheeli Rai to copy Sun Titan, buy back another copy of Saheeli Rai with the trigger, and then keep looping between the two copies of the Planeswalker.

If you're looking for a new deck that plays midrangey creatures, tutors, and has combo potential, this seems like a fun and interesting take on the archetype. As always, Eldritch Evolution gives you flexibility to find whatever creatures are powerful in the matchups you're concerned about, while the ability to play both beatdown and combo puts opponents in difficult positions where they're more likely to make mistakes.

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