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Daily Deck List: Naya Ghostway


With the banning of Birthing Pod, G/W, Creature-based combo decks have dropped out of favor in Modern. All the cards to play a value-oriented Creature deck with incidental combos and silver bullets still exist, but the strategy hasn’t really been explored and developed the same way it was when Birthing Pod was legal. ISoLIAKirA is looking to change that with this awesome take on Ghostway.

On its face, this deck looks very similar to the old Birthing Pod decks: It’s a pile of mana creatures and value creatures backed by Chord of Calling to tutor up the best pieces at the right time and Restoration Angel to rebuy enters the battlefield triggers. The difference is this deck doesn’t have access to Birthing Pod, which naturally scaled up your game-plan over the course of a game. Instead, this deck leans on the power of Ghostway.

The goal is to use value creatures to gum up the ground and create a stable board presence. Then you can start using Ghostway to generate enormous amounts of value. For example, just an Elvish Visionary and Restoration Angel nets you two cards. Throw an Eternal Witness into the mix and you can rebuy utility creatures, Chord of Calling, or even just get back Ghostway to do it all over again. This gives you the ability to generate overwhelming advantages as the game goes long and generate a ton of value in response to opposing removal spells.

In addition to the Ghostway engine, this deck has the ability to use Chord of Calling to find key silver bullets. Trostani, Selesnya's Voice against burn decks. Spellskite against Infect or Bogles. Reveillark or Pia and Kiran Nalaar against attrition decks. All the tools are here, and Chord of Calling helps you find them. Additionally, the combination of Eternal Witness, Restoration Angel, and Ghostway means you get to keep rebuying your bullets even if your opponents fight through them.

The consistency of cantrip creatures and Chord of Calling, combined with the power of silver bullets and the resiliency provided by Eternal Witness gives this deck a huge toolbox and a bunch of flexibility. These are all incredible attributes to have in the new, shaken up Modern.

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