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With Energy variants and Mono-Red having been reined in by the recent bannings, we're starting to see some variety and exploration in Standard again. For me, one of the most exciting and interesting archetypes to watch is the Anointed Procession variants. Anointed Procession gives the deck an overbearing endgame, but the breadth of token generators in Standard means that there are a myriad of ways to build the deck. Shemunu put together this exciting take:

Regal Caracal
This build is a little less dependent on the Anointed Procession plus Hidden Stockpile engine. Instead, you've got a bunch of midrangey haymakers that can keep things under control while you slowly generate advantage with your Eternalize creatures and tokens.

Fumigate is the key to this deck. You have Legion's Landing and Start early on to stall the ground, and your gameplan will generally be to either Fumigate the board away or stall out the ground with Regal Caracal. From there, your Fatal Pushes and Cast Outs can buy time for you to get Treasure Maps and Hidden Stockpiles online.

Even though the deck isn't built around Hidden Stockpile as much as the builds with Renegade Maps and such, the game still fundamentally changes once you resolve an Anointed Procession. Doubling your Sunscourge Champion and Anointer Priest tokens is a substantive advantage, and that will often be good enough even if your opponent can keep you off of Hidden Stockpiles.

If you're looking for a flexible deck with a powerful late game, this seems like a blast to play. There are a myriad of colors you could choose to splash, plenty of numbers to tweak to fit your particular metagame, and the deck is just doing something fun and powerful.

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