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Proof of Concept


Hexproof has been a fringe deck in Modern for several years now. The combination of one-mana hexproof creatures and efficient, high-impact auras allows the deck to excel against decks that are dependent on either using removal to interact with opponents' plans or racing. That said, one of the weaknesses of the deck is that it has a limited ability to interact. Emma Handy has started exploring an interesting take on Hexproof that gives up on some of the explosive potential in favor of some additional card advantage and interaction:

Stubborn Denial
Two of the biggest things that you give up is access to Gladecover Scout and Rancor. In order to make up for that, the deck plays Invisible Stalker. Having built in evasion makes cards like Unstable Mutation and Curious Obsession that much better. This helps you try to replicate the quick clock of the wg deck, though the reduced number of one-drops makes this plan less consistent.

The biggest advantage to this build of Hexproof is that you get to play Stubborn Denial. One the weaknesses of the traditional Hexproof deck is that it leans on proactive enchantments to interact with opposing combo decks - cards like Leyline of Sanctity or Rest in Peace. This telegraphs to your opponent what kind of interaction they need to use their cantrips to dig for if they are going to race you effectively. In matches where players aren't really interacting and are just trying to race to assemble their lethal combo, Stubborn Denial buying you an extra attack step can easily make the difference.

It's also worth noting that the ability to utilize Curious Obsession and Cartouche of Knowledge alongside Kor Spiritdancer gives you the ability to churn through your deck at a pretty rapid pace to find the high impact cards like Stubborn Denial and Spirit Link.

If you're looking for a new and exciting way to punish removal-heavy midrange decks, this deck looks like a blast to play, and this mix of a quick, hexproof clock plus moderate amounts of hyper-efficient interaction seems like a winning combination.

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