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Going Completely Ballistic


There are some players who are never happy doing something fair, no matter what format they're playing. There typically aren't a ton of truly unfair things to do in Standard - Saheeli Rai combo and Splinter Twin probably being the most recent examples. Still, some people will stop at nothing to find something combotastic to do:

Zacama, Primal Calamity
At its core, this is a ramp deck. You're trying to use Wayward Swordtooth, Gift of Paradise, and New Horizons to power out Zacama, Primal Calamity. From there, it'd be easy to say that just activating some of its abilities should be plenty to win you the game, but this deck goes much further.

The ultimate goal here is to use Panharmonicon, Release to the Wind, and Sunbird's Invocation to chain together Zacama triggers and generate more and more mana each time. Vizier of Many Faces functions as extra copies of Zacama to help you generate enough mana to kill your opponent with an impossibly large Walking Ballista.

If you're looking to do something unfair in this Standard format, this is an interesting option. It's slow. Very slow. But it's hard to turn down casting Zacama multiple times in a turn.

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