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Burning Up a Storm


Storm is a well-known archetype in Legacy that has existed ever since the printing of Tendrils of Agony in Scourge. The archetype has evolved over the years, and there are a myriad of variations, typically involving splashing for cards like Orim's Chant and Silence or the selection of engine cards like Dark Petition, Past in Flames, and Ad Nauseam. However, with the high density of rituals in Red combined with some new card advantage spells, there's the possibility for a Belcher-esque storm deck in straight Red:

Ruby Medallion
This deck is built around Ruby Medallion, which plays the same role as Goblin Electromancer or Baral, Chief of Compliance. The difference is that you can power it out on the first turn thanks to Lotus Petal and Ancient Tomb. In addition to that, this deck has access to all the rituals that are too good for Modern but go unplayed in other Legacy storm decks - Seething Song and Rite of Flame.

The gameplan here is to use your Ruby Medallion to power out a bunch of rituals and follow up with Past in Flames, Burning Wish, or Act on Impulse. Act on Impulse digs you into more rituals and more card drawing, while Burning Wish finds Past in Flames and lets you do it all over again. The strength of this deck is that your end game doesn't care about Lion's Eye Diamond, since you're largely dependent on casting Past in Flames and can just do it from the graveyard if necessary. You've also got Commune with Lava as a great mana sink to help you keep your combo going.

If you can fully combo off, your end game involves Manamorphose and Tendrils of Agony. However, one of the exciting things about this deck is that Burning Wish and Guttersnipe mean you don't have to fully combo off. Guttersnipe one of your few cards that are vulnerable to commonly played removal spells, but gives you the potential of controlling the board or just killing your opponent outright, particularly in multiples. Burning Wish is what's really interesting, since it gives you the potential to find something like Empty the Warrens early in the game or silver bullets like Cave-In, By Force, or even Boiling Seas depending on what the matchup calls for.

If you're looking for a new and exciting storm variant that's more capable of playing a protracted game, this might be an interesting option. You aren't necessarily as low to the ground as Belcher variants and don't have the density of interaction of Dark Ritual builds with Duress and Cabal Therapy. The strength of this deck is that the draw spells mean that you can go off from a relatively small base even after your opponent has the opportunity to utilize their own disruptive elements.

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