Dice Tower Con 2019
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Go Go Gadget Goggles


B/G Constrictor may be the most dominant deck to emerge from Pro Tour Aether Revolt, but that doesn’t mean it’s the only piece of new technology. There are lots of new things to explore in this format, but you have to start making choices about what you want to lose to if you want to gain big edges in your other matchups. This deck in particular is really exciting, but struggles against the Saheeli Rai combo decks because its means of interaction just don’t really matter in those matchups. Take a look at this wacky value deck from Ivan Floch:

Paradoxical Outcome
This. Is. Awesome. Ever since Paradoxical Outcome was printed, I’ve been looking for it to find a home in non-Vintage formats. It’s a little too slow for Modern and Legacy, but I was really hoping to see it do something sweet in Standard. There were a few half-hearted attempts immediately after Kaladesh was released, but improvise was exactly the mechanic this deck needed to take off.

The idea here is you play a giant pile of cheap or free artifacts. In particular, Bone Saw, Cathar's Shield, Ornithopter, and Renegade Map. These cards let you cast cards like Whir of Invention and Reverse Engineer as early as the second turn of the game. Alternatively, you can spend those turns casting Sram, Senior Edificer and following up with your cheap equipment. The goal? Ensure you can hit a critical mass of artifacts before turn four.

The real crux of the deck is your ability to use Whir of Invention to put Aetherflux Reservoir into play. Then you can follow up with a flurry of Paradoxical Outcomes and Reverse Engineers to cast enough spells to deal fifty to your opponent. Having a card like Sram in play when you attempt this makes it a lot more likely you can get there on turn four or five, but sometimes gaining a bunch of life is just good enough. Against Vehicles or Constrictor, one Paradoxical Outcome will often be enough for you to gain upwards of twenty life and find another Paradoxical Outcome. At that point, you can just take your time building up a storm count large enough to kill your opponent.

The biggest problem with this deck? Your only means of interaction with your opponent is either killing them or gaining life with Aetherflux Reservoir, which is fine against the midrangey and aggro decks, but not nearly as good against infinite Felidar Guardians. If your metagame is skewed away from Saheeli Rai, this seems like an incredibly fun, powerful, and relatively inexpensive deck to take for a spin at your next Standard event.

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